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Funding of $535,000 Gives Canadian Social Entrepreneurs a Boost
Canadian young entrepreneurs are being awarded a $535,000 in provincial funds to start businesses in Northern Ontario through the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Future Fund Program. NORDIK...more

How Twitter Can Be Used As An Avenue In Addressing Health Issues Such As Obesity
A new study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health deemed Twitter as a way to help address certain health issues. The study, conducted by Jenine K. Harris, PhD, assistant...more

Fifth Annual MADE In Missouri State Entrepreneurship Competition
The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency announces its fifth annual MADE In Missouri State Entrepreneurship Competition. This year's event will be launched by MVCAA and the Missouri Alliance...more

Greater National Threats Than Terrorism: Homelessness And Poverty
Homelessness and poverty are ever-increasing on a regular basis. Crissy Canganelli, guest contributor for and executive director of Shelter House, claims that terrorism is not the...more

Local Enterprise Partnership Sets Business Network to Create Social Enterprise City
The West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) bids for a special business network to support the thriving local social enterprise sector. LEP's objective is to establish new...more

CauseWired Founder: Four Tips for Social Entrepreneurs
Tom Watson, consultant and Forbes contributor, shares four critical lessons he's learned to social entrepreneurs. He left the corporate world to build his own social venture, a small consulting...more

Homeless Agencies Cautiously Welcomes Social Impact Investing Scheme
Homeless agencies have set a cautious welcome to the Social Impact Investing scheme, which was announced in the budget that will primarily focus on housing projects. The first phase of the scheme...more

Medicaid Expansion A State Decision, People of Color May Left Uninsured
The recent Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) established that Medicaid expansion is a state decision. Recent findings show that people of all races and ethnicities will be...more

Social Entrepreneur Talks about Business as Economic Development Engine
Mill Valley-based Ruth Shapiro, a social entrepreneur, has savvy experience in business innovation and social entrepreneurship. She established The Asia Business Council, a membership organization...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Aims to Improve Sanitation and Hygiene Through Soaps

Social Enterprise Aims to Improve Sanitation and Hygiene Through Soaps
Soap Cycling is a social enterprise founded by David Bishop, also a law professor at Hong...

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