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Award-Winning Tax Attorney Inspires Youth of Germantown
Award-winning tax attorney and advocate, Nikki Johnson-Huston, hopes to affect policy change. She talks with Germantown youth of LOGAN Hope School at Tabor Children's Services to share her inspiring...more

Hamlet Foods Cohorts with Filipino Relief Group to Create Sustainable Social Enterprise Model
Hamlet Foods has partnered with Filipino relief organization, Gawad Kalinga, to help eliminate poverty and hunger in many Filipino communities through the development of a sustainable social...more

How Do You Bring Sexy Back to Civic Engagement?
William Wolfe-Wylie, writer for O.Canada, shares about Richard Pietro's fight for an open government. To spread awareness about open government and open data, he's riding his motorcycle across...more

Becoming More Prominent: Young Social Entrepreneurs
Development Manager for Youth at Live Unltd, Adam Bradford, speaks how many young people often want to start a business for social good. According to Bradford, social entrepreneurs no longer need...more

Nepal's civil society leaders expressed their stern opposition over the formation of an election government headed by the Chief Justice. According to civil society leaders, allowing the head of...more

Okanagan College Business Professor Seeks to Empower Women Entrepreneurs around the World
Okanagan College Business Professor Dr. Kyleen Myrah has been working with a nonprofit organization in Croatia to help improve the economic conditions of women in southern and eastern Europe and...more

Social Entrepreneur Makes a Difference in the Lives of 100,000 Children
Jenny Bowen, founder of the Half the Sky Foundation, has saved the lives of more than 100,000 children in China. And she's still continuing to make a difference for emotionally and physically...more

Social Enterprise To Operate Hawker Centre To Improve Food Affordability
Singapore's National Environment Agency announces that a social enterprise will run a hawker centre to help keep its food prices affordable after its lease expired earlier this year. The agency...more

Moving Into Social Enterprise, Avoiding Charities, NGOs
Founder of The Growing Leaders Foundation, Sallyann Della Casa,says the archaic, dinosaur-like charity systems of NGOs must give way to social enterprise. Della Casa asserts they need to be...more

Clemson University Researcher to Speak on Quality Improvement Programs in Hospitals across U.S.
Ashley Kay Childers, a Clemson University research assistant professor, is chosen to participate in a forum to discuss quality improvement programs in hospitals throughout the country. The forum...more

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Heartsong Ceremonies for Today’s World

Heartsong Ceremonies for Today’s World
Danu  Fox founded Heartsong Ceremonies when she observed the majority of the population no longer go...

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