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A Topic Guide On Community Vitality and Rural Healthcare
A topic guide on community vitality and rural healthcare centers on how community and economic development can be in line with health services in rural areas and how collaboration between the sectors...more

Social Startup on Dental Care, Weaving Milestones for Dentistry
Weave, a social enterprise telecommunications startup based in Pleasant Grove's business park, have developed software that merges its telephone services with all of its patients' data. Data...more

Hecktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps Shuts Down After 51 Years of Service
The board president of the Hecktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps has recently announced that the institution will be shutting down after 51 years of service to the community. A state mandate...more

Poor Mental Health Believed to Lead to Unhealthy Behaviors Among Low-income Adults
A study conducted at the Miriam Hospital has recently found that poor mental health may lead to unhealthy behaviors such as binge drinking, smoking, and illegal drugs in low-income adults. In this...more

Youth Development Intervention Aims At Reducing Teenage Pregnancy Risk
According to a report of a clinical trial published Online First by JAMA Pediatrics, a group of teenage girls took part in a youth development intervention to reduce high-risk pregnancy among...more

Community Health Centers Tackle Care Gap Through Medical and Mental Services Integration
A team of researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) released a new analysis that looks into factors that impact the integration of mental...more

City Council Approves Tax Reductions for $45M Residential Health Care Facility
A City Council has approved a tax abatement for the construction of a new 39,000 square feet residential health care facility that's worth $45 million on tax rolls. The tax reduction is part of...more

HHS Issues Supreme Court Memo on Defense of Marriage Act
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announces first guidance addressing that all beneficiaries in private Medicare plans have access to equal coverage when it comes to care in a...more

BOCES for the Unemployed
The Regional Economic Development Council has recently launched the BOCES program wherein it aims to help train unemployed workers. $80,000 has been alloted to BOCES in order to fund tuition for...more

Rural Psychiatrists Need To Address Better Care For War Veterans
Clinicians practicing in rural sites will stand in need of an elaborate awareness of military-related issues to treat a growing number of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans returning to those...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Hexham Social Enterprise Launches Workshop to Provide Training for the Unemployed

Hexham Social Enterprise Launches Workshop to Provide Training for the Unemployed
A Gilesgate-based shop and community facility, Hexham’s Core Music, launches a separate workshop where up...

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