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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Senate Approves Bill in Adding Members to the Interagency Council on Homelessness
The Senate passes a bill decreeing the addition of three members in the Interagency Council on Homelessness. To join the Council, one should be a ProvidenceVeterans Administration Medical Center...more

Homeless Hounds Program Houses Pets While Owners Search for New Home
The Homeless Hounds program provides housing to pet owners while they are in search for a new home. The Homeless Hounds program, through Puppy Palace of La Crosse, averages nine to 12 homeless...more

Housing Barriers to Homeless: Bad Credit, Bad Choices
Bad credit, criminal history and high rents keep people out of rental housing. Tight apartment vacancy rates add another dimension of complexity to the hunt for housing. Criminal history can play...more

Capital Recovery Center Advances Efforts to Serve Homeless in Olympia
The Capital Recovery Center, a new resource hub for service organizations, advances its efforts to help the homeless population in Olympia. Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness...more

Nashville Coalition for the Homeless Pays Tribute to Re-New Volunteers
Nashville Coalition for the Homeless presents with the Phyllis M. Frank Volunteer Award to local volunteers Julie Davis and Cheryl Hays of Re-New, a program at the YWCA of Nashville & Middle...more

Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative Injects Meaning into Houses
The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative has turned a house or apartment into something more meaningful than just four walls, a roof and a floor. The Initiative, which serves 300 to 400 homeless...more

Coalition for the Homeless Kick Starts Annual Back to School Project
Coalition for the Homeless is set for its sixth annual Project: Back to School, which has provided more than 10,000 backpacks crammed with school supplies to New York City's homeless...more

Homelessness Agreement to be Extended with $115 Million Funding
The states and Commonwealth in Australia have entered into a national agreement to address homelessness. The homelessness agreement will be extended with a $115 million funding from the Coalition....more

San Diego Successfully Launches Its Homeless Program after Six Years
An innovative homeless housing program is in the works. Located in downtown San Diego, it is called Connections Housing and developed by Affirmed Housing Group and PATH Ventures. San Diego took...more

Homeless Will Be Home For Good
Los Angeles County has an initiative that intends to help the homeless by connecting them with a place to live. With the Home For Good project, it seeks the most at-risk and chronically homeless...more

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