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Job Description

Reporting to the Clinical Manager, the Spiritual Care Coordinator is responsible for addressing the religious, spiritual and emotional needs of Steward Hospice patients, families and caregivers.  


  • Serves as an integral member of the Steward Hospice interdisciplinary team
  • Holds primary responsibility for the spiritual care of hospice patients and families in keeping with their beliefs and needs
  • Offers religious/ spiritual/emotional support to patients and families in an introductory phone call within five days of being on service with hospice
  • Investigates and arranges community religious/spiritual resources as requested
  • Visits patients/families at their home or in a facility, if requested
  • Establishes an appropriate plan of care-based on initial and on-going spiritual needs assessment, and assists the interdisciplinary team in the implementation of the plan of care
  • Documents an accurate and timely patient record according to agency policy and federal and state regulations
  • Coordinates patient and family requests for specific services, including funeral arrangements, wakes and memorial services
  • Provides spiritual care and support to the hospice team and facility staff as appropriate
  • Provides educational programs for staff, clergy and community groups to enhance their knowledge and sensitivity to the emotional and spiritual concerns of patients and families experiencing end-of-life issues.
  • Develops and maintains a resource group of clergy/spiritual care providers to assist in providing religious/spiritual support to patients and families
  • Creates/presides/participates at liturgical assignments as needed
  • Recognizes and addresses the unique spiritual needs of the diverse population served by hospice, including religious beliefs, age, gender, culture, lifestyle, and sexual orientation
  • Provides bereavement follow-up services in conjunction with the bereavement coordinator
  • Maintains patient confidentiality and promotes patient rights as supported by agency, state and federal directives

Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in theology, divinity, or pastoral ministry from an accredited institution
  • Minimum of two units of Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Preferred: Board Certification with APC, NACC or similar professional organization
  • At least two years of experience providing spiritual care at a hospital or hospice

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