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Job Summary

Under the direction of the supervising physician and/or the Nurse Manager, the Licensed Practical Nurse provides individualized nursing care to patients in accordance within established nursing procedures and organizational philosophies. The Licensed Practical Nurse assists in the planning, directing and evaluation of the provision of care by licensed & non-licensed personnel. The Licensed Practical Nurse assists in guiding office functions with the goal of providing high quality patient care and a positive patient experience.



A. Education

Graduate of an accredited school of practical nursing.

Current LPN license in the state of Kentucky and/or Illinois.



B. Licensure / Certification

Current LPN License in the state of Kentucky and/or Illinois; BLS validation required.



C. Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge of Homecare/Hospice communication systems; Knowledge of equipment appropriate for patient care for specific clinical department; Must have driver’s license and current automobile insurance.     



D. Service Skills


Job Requirements


A.        Utilizes the Nursing Process in accordance with the scope of practice for the Licensed             Practical Nurse and provides professional nursing care according to established practices             and procedures.


            Performance Standards:

            1.         Collects and documents the patient’s current health status and medical history on             the visit note as defined by policy.

            2.         Utilizes appropriate resources in addressing age specific care needs including, but             not limited to physical, psychosocial, developmental, educational, self care and             environmental.

            3.         Follows appropriate standards of practice for age groups served in the department.

            4.         Performs accurate and ongoing assessments of all aspects of patient’s mental and             physical status and responds appropriately.

            5.         Assists the RN in setting priorities for nursing action in a logical sequence             according to patient’s needs.

            6.         Documents the effectiveness of nursing intervention in a timely and appropriate             manner including patient’s response to plan of care given.

            7.         Documents pertinent information on the patient’s record;  records care provided             following the established procedures for charting.

            8.         Documents in the medical record evidence of appropriate patient and/or family             teaching, including verbalized understanding or demonstrated knowledge of teaching done.

            9.         Accurately transcribes physician orders according to nursing policy and             procedures.

            10.       Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the PTCT documentation system.


B.        Responsibility:

            Maintains a positive working relationship with patients, families, peers, students and other             medical personnel.


            Performance Standards:

            1.         Reports significant information or problems to RN Case Manager and/or             appropriate physician in a timely manner and effectively communicates patient’s needs.

            2.         Communicates effectively with peers, health team members and physicians in             accuring patient’s well being.

            3.         Attends patient care conferences as indicated.


            4.         Gives a thorough, concise report to RN CM.

            5.         Demonstrates a general knowledge of entering orders and obtaining data from             computer system provided in the department.

            6.         Correctly and consistently implements, charges and discontinues patient supplies.

            7.         Interacts effectively and displays empathy and concern with patients, families             and/or significant others.

            8.         Adapts to changes in a positive, professional manner.

            9.         Performs effectively when floated to other departments.

            10.       Promotes positive public relations for the department, Mission division,             HomeCare, Hospice, Adult Day Health Services and the hospital.

            11.       Supports problem solving approach to both department and the patient’s needs.

            12.       Follows through on problems that may compromise patient care by using the             appropriate chain of command.

            13.       Is a role model for co-workers, new employees and students by displaying a             positive attitude and possessing a good knowledge base of the department and assigned             responsibilities.

            14.       Respects at all times the confidentiality of patients, hospital and physician related             information.

            15.       Completes assigned duties and assists co-workers when able.  Assumes             responsibilities for own actions.

 of and follows HomeCare/Hospice standards, policies and procedures.


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