Making Foreclosure Data Accessible

NeighborhoodInfo DC, a National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership member and democratizing data for civic engagement, supplies D.C.'s residents and community-based organizations with local data and analysis.

The data and analysis are used as tools to improve the quality of life in the community. NeighborhoodInfo DC has recently been offering accessible foreclosure data in the district to assist vulnerable homeowners and renters to stay in their homes.

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Federal Programs Related to - Housing Support

Programs that provide supportive services which help people obtain and remain in suitable housing. Housing Search and Information; Housing Search Assistance; Relocation Assistance; Roommate Matching Assistance

Federal Programs Related to - Housing Counseling

Programs that provide comprehensive assistance for people who want to rent or purchase housing including information and advice about buying and rental costs; Fair Housing Laws and Regulations; how to select affordable housing that meets individual needs; and how to provide for insurance, maintenance and other requirements related to acquiring and paying for housing. Fair Housing Counseling; Home Purchase Counseling; Homeowner Purchase Counseling; Homeownership Counseling; Homeownership Education; Homeownership Training; Housing Discrimination Counseling; HUD Counseling Services; Mortgage Counseling

Federal Programs Related to - Public, Society Benefit, General/Other

Programs that focus on promoting the effective functioning of government, public administration and public officials and support or provide services required for the effective functioning of society's infrastructure.

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