Impact Investing'S Leap Forward: Balancing Financial Returns with Societal Gains

There's a new way of looking at the world, and it doesn't involve looking at your wallet. Instead, there's impact investing, which aims to make money that has a "profound impact on society,"...more

Rest Backs Energy Transition in Latest Impact Investment

An Australian retirement savings fund has become the first in the world to invest in companies that have a "positive environmental impact"and it's doing so in a big way. Per the Guardian, the...more

Fund Puts $150M in Latest Impact Investment

One of Australia's biggest superannuation funds is taking a stand against climate change with a $150 million investment in green companies. The Australian Prudential Super Fundbetter known as...more

Tnfd: A Turning Point for Business Action on Biodiversity Loss?

"The race to biodiversity loss is even more crucial," one executive says. "Our planet, and our profits, hinge on it." That's the takeaway from the Wall Street Journal in a look at how some of...more

Exploring Social Procurement for Your Business: Aberdeen Event Offers Insight into ...

If you're an American company looking to do something good for the planet, you're going to want to take a look at what's happening in the UK. That's because a new government initiative is...more

A Call For Integration In The Niger Delta

For decades, Nigeria's Niger Delta has been the epicenter of the country's oil and gas production, contributing significantly to the nation's revenue. However, the benefits of this wealth have...more

Sustainable Finance in Sri Lanka: Afc and Liin in Impact Investing Partnership

Sri Lanka's Alliance Finance Company is one of the first financial institutions in the world to receive the " holistic sustainability certification" from the International Council for Sustainability...more

Rest Makes Another Impact Investment Allocation

If you're an Australian superannuation fund, you're in luck: The country's biggest super fund has set a goal of investing 1% of its assets in "impact investments" by 2026, and it's on track to hit...more

Lucara Botswana'S Sustainable Impact: Investing in People and Planet

A Canadian mining company has been named one of the world's most socially responsible companies for the second year in a row, thanks to its efforts to help the communities it's operating in,...more

Afc and Liin Pioneer New Wave of Impact Investing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Alliance Finance Company is one of the first financial institutions in South Asia to be certified as socially responsible by the International Council for Sustainability Standardsand...more

The boon of social entrepreneurship serves as an inspiration to many to start their own businesses embedded with a social mission.  A list of social entrepreneur books will provide inspiration and motivation to follow one’s passions to embark on a social good business venture.

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