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Boosting Civic Participation Among Youth in Anaheim
A summit planned by local community groups is a two-day training designed to foster civic engagement and participation among Anaheim's youth. The organizers of the summit to be held at the...more

Advocates for Homeless Youth Lobbies for Better Housing
Youth homeless supporters in Connecticut claimed that there is a need for better housing to safely house young people in crisis. According to a report, Invisible No More, released by the homeless...more

Current State of Homeless Students Increasing in Lake Washington School District
According to the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction, homeless students in Eastside school districts in 2011-2012 are increasing. To date, 209 students are identified as homeless...more

NLIHC to Hold Conference for the Modification of the Mortgage Interest Deduction and Trust Fund Investment
The National Low Income Housing Coalition will discuss the launch of a $1 million campaign to amend the mortgage interest cut and invest in the National Housing Trust Fund. State...more

Lexington, Mo. Poised for Economic Development
Lexington, Missouri receives an assistance package from the University of Missouri extension. The package is effective for two years maximum and will be used for economic development in the context...more

Anti-Fever Medication Pose Kidney Injury Risk in Children
According to a group of researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine, common hypothermic drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen, when taken by sick children, could greatly expose them to...more

Lessons Gained from a Kickstarter Project Social Enterprise
Meredith Ramirez Talusan, co-founder and director of the Ricefield Collective, earned a handful of insight and experience through her Kickstarer-backed social enterprise. The Ricefield Collective...more

Social Science Graduates More Likely to be Employed Than Science or Arts Graduates
The Campaign for Social Science reports that social science graduates are more likely to get jobs after their first degree than graduates in other areas such as science and the arts. The report...more

Houston Couple to Give $4 Billion to Worthy Projects
John Arnold and his wife Laura will give away $4 billion to projects that prove worthy of the money. Arnold has acquired $4 billion in the past decade and chose to give it away for a cause. The...more

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