Green R&Amp;D: Is Innovation'S Final Destination Net-Zero?

"Green innovation" has become a phrase so ubiquitous that it's become "a byword for how the world plans to solve the climate crisis," in the words of Quartz. It's time, however, for businesses to...more

Planning Sustainable Policies for a Niche Business

If you're in the market for a green product or service in a niche market, Entrepreneur has some advice. In its article "What can I do," the magazine outlines what niche companies can do to become...more

Using Immersive Media to Strengthen Support for the Environment: An Interview with Wendy Schmidt
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation

"We are just entering this new chapter of media, representing a sense of wonder and possibility for storytelling, and equity, which, to me, represents a sense of responsibility and stewardship,"...more

Axis Reports Climate Change Driving Energy Transition Amid Rising Risks

"The shift to a lower carbon economy is among the greatest challenges of our day and requires all of usour businesses, governments, communities, and individualsto work together to achieve our...more

Innovative Tech Gadgets Under $100 for Your Home Office

If you're in the market for a new tech gadget for your home office, TechRadar has just the thing for you. It's compiled a list of the best under $100 gadgets, including a wireless charging desk...more

Academic Decathlon Requires Alaska Teens to Study Climate Alarmism and Eco-Feminist Fiction

The annual academic competition for high school students is upon us, and this year's theme is "Our Changing Climate," the Alaska Watchman reports. Students will have to read Linda Hogan's Solar...more

Summerfest 2024 at the Emma Malaby Grocery Store

The Emma Malaby Grocery Store in Fort Collins, Colo., has been a staple in the city's history for more than a centuryand it's about to get even more of a home. After receiving two grants to...more

Grants Available to Further the Mission of Orthodoxy
Foundation: Community Foundation Partnership

An Orthodox Church in America fund that gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups that help the church's less well-off members is now being used to help the church itself. The Washington...more

Private Foundations Vs. Donor Advised Funds at Public Foundations

When the Canadian Football League's Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Ottawa Senators in the Canadian Football League's season opener on Oct. 1, they'll do so with the help of a hefty donation from...more

Bakersfield Students Chosen for Bank of America Leadership Program

Jaiden Elyssa Bareng is a rising junior at Bakersfield High School in California, where she's the Junior Class President and she's also an advocate for women in STEM careers. She's also one of...more

The Social Incubator North, a £2 million incubator fund spearheaded by Sheffield-based Key Fund in collaboration with the four Northern Social Enterprise Partnerships and Locality, is providing 0% interest loans to North of England’s social entrepreneurs.

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