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Salute to Senior Service Program Accepting Nominations for Outstanding Seniors
The Salute to Senior Service Program has recently announced that they are now starting to accept nominations for Alabama's outstanding senior volunteers award. The winner in each state will...more

Social Enterprise Definition is Overemphasized
Defining social enterprise and social entrepreneurship has resulted into confusion and disputes. In brief, social enterprise is a powerful activity, ever growing and adapting to the social and...more

Imperative Merges with Social Entrepreneur to Boost the Purpose Economy
Imperative and Purpose Economy teams with social entrepreneur Aaron Hurst to establish a venture merger in providing organizations the resources to better serve people and the world. Hurst is...more

Social Change amidst Economic Hardship
In a contributing blog post, JustChangeOtt co-founder Mitchell Kutney, points his attention to the word 'social', which is sometimes tossed around and added to terms to express civic...more

Social Entrepreneurship: Navigating the World of Impact Accelerators
For social enterprises, navigating the world of impact accelerators can be complex. Social entrepreneurs should know firsthand the main elements in the impact accelerator ecosystem: geographic...more

Homeless Agency Receives Housing First Grant
The Western Dairyland Community Action Agency has recently earned a $249,000 federal Housing First grant, a grant program intended to help the chronically homeless residents secure a roof over their...more

Local Task Force to Suppress Growing Homelessness in Greenfield
Lifelong resident and Mayor of Greenfield, William Martin, calls for a new task force to curb the issue of homelessness in Greenfield and other Franklin County towns. The task force, which was...more

Too Much TV Watching in Childhood Results to Long-Term Antisocial Behavior
According to a new University of Otago, New Zealand, Children and teens who watch a lot of television are prone to demonstrate antisocial and criminal behavior when grown up. The study is...more

Five Ways to Beam a Social Message Around the World
Joe Garbarczyk, who writes for The Guardian, shares his advice for marketing on a budget and how to spread a social message around the globe. For social entrepreneurs, Joe suggests five ways: Go...more

Civil Society Groups Band Together to End Racism
Civil society groups have assembled to petition 10,000 signatures insisting that the government should sanction the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination...more

Social Entrepreneurship

New Global Standard to Create Sustainable Food Future

New Global Standard to Create Sustainable Food Future
During the Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen, World Resources Institute (WRI) announced the launch of...

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