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State Funds Set for Joplin City Street and Sewer Projects
In the wake of the May 2011 tornado, Missouri has approved funding for Joplin, which will be distributed to city street and sewer projects under a decree to be considered by the Joplin City...more

Older Diabetes Patients Benefit from Improved Clinic Communication and Education
In a new research published in The Lancet, over a quarter of 70 year olds and above with type 2 diabetes could benefit from improving communication and education in the clinic. Type 2 diabetes is...more

Social Enterprise Making a Positive Change in Society
Impact Hub Johannesburg, founded by Lesley Williams, is a global network that looks for "growth-oriented who want to make an impact." Impact Hub connects social entrepreneurs where they can...more

Study: Children with Egg Allergies Can Safely Receive Vaccine
It has recently been reported that a new study from the University of Michigan has found that children who are allergic to eggs can now safely receive a single dose of seasonal influenza vaccine to...more

The Conservatoire Reweighs Social Business Model
The Conservatoire in Blackheath was confronted with crippling debts, resulting to closure in 2012. The debts drove the Conservatoire to go over its social mission and business model. The...more

Analysis: Who Civil Society is Really Serving?
Gatu Mbaria, Land Use Planner and contributor at AllAfrica, explains who civil society really serve in Kenya. He discusses how NGOs work to serve the Kenyan locals, though mostly funded by...more

Nurturing Healthy Diet In Early Life Prevents Childhood Obesity
According to a study published in the latest issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, adopting a a healthy diet from early life is important to prevent childhood obesity and the...more

Spreading Social Impact Globally
Nicole Darabian of Canadian social enterprise Decode Global hands her top tips for global social impact. Her top tips include: Leverage technology; Engage youth in your approach; Focus on a...more

Federal Grants On Hand to Help Pennsylvania Rural Communities
The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) will be approving grants to help rural communities in Pennsylvania protect against and prevent fire hazards in forested, undeveloped and...more

Skoll World Forum For Social Entrepreneur 2013
In this Skoll World Forum For Social Entrepreneur 2013 Day Two Morning Plenary video, the Master of Ceremonies Pamela Hartigan, Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, opens with a...more

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Charity Database Lets Couples Donate for a Cause

Charity Database Lets Couples Donate for a Cause

Kendall Webb, founder of, brings the Internet into the philanthropic sector as a nonprofit organization.  Her donor-advised fund San Francisco-based website connects couples to a plethora of charities through its wedding registries.

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