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Child Care Federal Subsidies Imperiled by Government Shutdown
Programs and services that provide subsidies to low-income families aren't being granted federal money due to the government shutdown. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) wasn't...more

NC DHHS Announces Details of Statewide Telepsychiatry Plan
North Carolina's Department of Health and and Human Services announces the details of a statewide telepsychiatry plan. The plan, which will commence operations in January 2014, will further the...more

McManus Delves Into US-Style Philanthropy Issue
John McManus, business editor of the Irish Times, digs into the issue foregoing European philanthropic models and advocating for US-style philanthropy instead. McManus points at Minister for the...more

SwitchPoint 2014 Gathers Creative Minds to Tackle Global Health and Development Challenges
SwitchPoint 2014, an annual two-day conference, will gather experts, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists around the world to form partnerships, address and solve the major global health and...more

Sunflower Patch Revitalizes St. Louis Space For Environmental, Economic Benefit
About 10,000 sunflowers have transformed a vacant city lot in St. Louis to provide environmental and economic benefits for the community. The patch of sunflower blooms is a part of the Sustainable...more

Children with Autism Outgrow Difficulty Understanding Visual Ideas and Auditory Signs
A study recently published in the online edition of the journal Cerebral Cortex documents autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children seem to outgrow a social communication disability that clears up...more

Child Abuse, Neglect in U.S. Drop for the Sixth Year
According to the Department of Health and Human Services officials, the number of U.S. child abuse and neglect victims dropped for the sixth consecutive year in 2012. A report also indicates that...more

North Dakota Communities to Get $266,850 in State Funds
Five North Dakota communities will land their share of the $266,850 in federal funds for economic development. The U.S. Economic Development Administration awards the funds which will be used for...more

Women: Leading the Social Enterprise Revolution
Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, at the 2012 Social Enterprise World Forum in Rio de Janeiro, addressed that "women are natural social entrepreneurs." The new field of social...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Harnesses the Power of Good Chocolate

Social Enterprise Harnesses the Power of Good Chocolate
Cambridge, UK-based company, Harry Specters Chocolates, was established by social entrepreneur Monaser Shahzad, who has been working with...

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