Beyond the music, Prince Was a Quiet but Impactful Philanthropist


With the recent death of Prince making the headlines, one would expect to see countless commemorations on his music legacy. However, alongside this, Prince's charitable side began to come to light. Due to the fact that Prince was a Jehovah Witness and could not publicly express acts of kindness, this could come as surprise to many; it was no surprise to activist and political commentator Van Jones.

During interviews with CNN, Jones expressed his sadness over Prince's death, while also paying homage to all his good deeds. Prince worked with Jones to start Yes We Code, a humanitarian relief project that sought to bring relief to underprivileged youth in the form of technology. Yes We Code worked with fifteen technology companies, all of whom aided in the preparation of these individuals for jobs in Silicon Valley.

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Social entrepreneur and co-founder of nonprofit Jolkona, Adnan Mahmud, discusses his definition of a successful social entrepreneur. He describes the social entrepreneur as someone who has found the right balance between doing good while doing well.

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