The Social Entrepreneur's Tool Kit For Making A Difference

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"All of us see ways that the world could be different," says author and social entrepreneur Lauren Foster.

"Having an impact, being a social entrepreneur, doesn't mean everyone starting their own organization."

But Foster, who has written a second edition of her book Social: Building Impact Step by Step, says that's exactly what she's seen in her work with refugees in Lebanon and students at Yale's School of Management.

"I saw it working with refugees in Lebanon people who are completely disenfranchised," she says.

"I understood why the refugee women didn't realize their sense of agency at first.

But when I saw that even Yale MBAs didn't realize their sense of agency, I was so shocked."

In a Q&A with the Yale Daily News, Foster says she doesn't think "everyone needs to be or should be that kind of entrepreneur," but "social entrepreneurship is an approach that understands that if you talk to people affected by a problem and people already working on the issue, then you can find ways to contribute to making change happen."

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