Oklahoma Launches Tutoring Program Based on 'Free Market Tactics' to Improve Public Education

"We want to first of all, recruit the best and brightest tutors and we want to make sure they're incentivized to actually get the performance of the students greatly increased," Oklahoma's superintendent of public schools tells the Tulsa World.

That's the gist of the state's new "largest, most comprehensive tutoring program in the country," which will offer on-demand and in-person training, as well as a "toolkit" for community tutors to use with students, per a press release from the Oklahoma Department of Education.

Superintendent Ryan Walters says the program, which will be paid for with taxpayer dollars, will be "disrupting a system" that has failed kids in Oklahoma.

"If we pay for performance, two things are going to happen," Walters tells the World.

"Number one, you're not going to have people that sign up who aren't really dedicated to student improvement," he says.

"If your pay is based on how well the children do and you're a person that's not going to put much effort into it, you're not going to sign up for that gig."

Walters says the program will also encourage good teachers to sign up and tutor kids who won't slack off.

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