The Osc Packaging Collaborative Is Seeking Innovative Solutions to Cut Waste

credit: Flickr

If you've got an idea for a more eco-friendly way to package your product, the One Step Closer Packaging Collaborative has just the thing for you.

The nonprofit is accepting submissions for its annual awards, which aim to "celebrate innovative and sustainable packaging alternatives, responsible practices, and circularity," the Consumerist reports.

There are three categories: Innovation in Materials, Innovation in Re-fillable Packaging Systems, and Innovation in Supply Chain Waste Reduction.

"By fostering creativity and sustainability in design and application, we pave the way for a future where packaging not only meets functional requirements but also aligns with broader goals of environmental stewardship," Lara Dickinson, executive director of OSC, tells the Food Tank blog.

The deadline for submissions is Feb.

16, 2024.

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