How Springwood'S Emma Hudmon Brought a Book to Life

"It was like a person has been trying to reach another person for a really long time over the phone.

Why is this person trying to get to them so bad? And what do they want?" That's the plot of Emma Hudmon's short story, which won the state creative writing competition for 10th-graders in Alabama, the Washington Post reports.

Hudmon, a student at Springwood School in Mobile, says she didn't realize the competition was statewide until she talked to her mom, reports.

Her English teacher says Hudmon has a " knack for writing" and has a "very good possibility for a career in writing."

In her story, someone calls a book collector to ask about an old Latin book that has started to show supernatural qualities.

Hudmon says her character's motivation came from her love of gothic and horror literature.

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