Johnson'S 'Intuition' Clashes with Data on Illegal Voting

credit: NN Gov

The House is set to vote Monday on a bill that would make it harder for noncitizens to vote in federal elections.

The SAVE Actshort for Safeguard American Voter Eligibilityis the brainchild of Republican Rep.

Mike Johnson of Louisiana, who says he came up with the idea after noticing too many noncitizens voting in federal elections.

"We all know, intuitively, that a lot of illegals are voting in federal elections," Johnson told reporters last week, per the Hill.

"But it's not been something that is easily provable.

This legislation will allow us to do exactly thatit will prevent that from happening."

But voting rights advocates say there's no proof noncitizens are voting in large numbers.

A 2016 study by the Brennan Center for Justice found 30 suspected noncitizen votes out of 23.5 million in the 2016 general election, or 0.0001 percent of the votes cast.

"Intuition doesn't count for anything," says the president of UnidosUS, the country's largest Latino civil rights organization.

"And I can tell you that many of our organizations have scoured for any signs of voting that has been irregular or done by folks who are not qualified.

So he can have intuition all he wants, but that

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