Ht Exclusive: Indian-American Entrepreneur Pritika Mehta'S Vision for Aspiring ...

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"San Francisco is about the same size as my hometown, Chandigarh," Pritika Mehta tells Hindustan Times.

"But this small city has changed the world....

The kind of conversations that happen here, the innovation in the air, the investments in bold ideas and unknown foundersno other city offers it."

That's why Mehta, who holds a Master's in Artificial Intelligence from the State University of New York, is so impressed with the Bay Area's startup scene.

"The level of ambition and talent here is unparalleled," she says.

"If you drive down Sand Hill Road, you'll find the offices of VC firms.

A small office with three employees would be managing $1B+.

You'll meet random doctors here who invested $10k in unknown founders and made $100 million from that investment."

"America is the biggest software market in the world and the smartest Bangalore founders know it well (and leverage it)," says Mehta, who moved to the Bay Area in 2012 and now runs AI startup Butternut.AI.

Among her tips for Indian startups: "build a strong team and ship things fast."

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