Indian-American Entrepreneur Pritika Mehta'S Guidance for Indian Ai Startups

credit: USACE on Flickr

Pritika Mehta, an Indian-American entrepreneur who holds a master's in artificial intelligence from the State University of New York, is "shaping the pathway for Indian startups looking to plunge into the AI wave," as TechCrunch puts it.

Mehta, who lives in San Francisco, has "been pivotal in steering Indian founders with Silicon Valley aspirations from the tech alleys of Bangalore," according to a profile on her website.

Her experience in the Bay Area "reveals the groundbreaking advancements and conversations shaping the future" of India's tech scene, she says, from autonomous vehicles to the "unprecedented ecosystem" that supports startups with "robust investment, visionary ambitions, and strong networks."

But, she adds, "the primary challenge associated with AI startups, as implied by the guidance of Pritika Mehta, includes navigating the competitive landscape of innovation and securing sufficient investment."

That's especially true for Indian startups, she says, noting that they often need to find "better market access and fundraising opportunities" in the US.

But, she adds, "AI technology can improve efficiency and productivity across multiple sectors, from the extinction of monotonous roles to the creation of new, more engaging opportunities."

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