Meet Bu'S Newest Associate Professors

Boston University recently promoted 27 faculty members to the rank of associate professor, and five to the rank of associate professor, non-tenure track, the Boston Globe reports.

"They are teachers and scholars who have earned national reputations in their respective fields of study, and they reflect the breadth and depth of research being conducted at BU," the school said in a statement.

Here are the new associate professors: Elizabeth Coppock, College of Arts and Sciences: She " specializes in formal semantics, addressing foundational topics in truth, reference, quantification, and measurement through the lens of specific empirical puzzles."

She has published 19 articles in top-tier journals, including Language, Natural Language Semantics, Journal of Semantics, Linguistics and Philosophy, Semantics and Pragmatics, Natural Language Linguistic Theory, and Glossa, and made 42 contributions to edited volumes.

Sarah W.

Demiragli, College of Arts and Sciences: She "seeks to better understand the mechanisms underlying establishment maintenance, and loss in reef-building corals and how coral genetic diversity is shaped by climate change."

Jeffrey Geddes, College of Arts and Sciences: He "studies the role of the biosphere on atmospheric composition.

His research has been supported by grants from the US Department of Energy (

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