Nearly $111K in Grants Awarded to Local Arts and Culture Projects in Monterey County

credit: USACE on Flickr

"It just goes to show the high demand for arts funding in our county."

That's the reaction of Jacquie Atchison, executive director of the Arts Council for Monterey County, after the group awarded more than $112,000 in grants to 23 arts organizations and nonprofit organizations in the area.

The money, provided by the County of Monterey and the Board of Supervisors, aims to support the arts and cultural initiatives in the community, KSBW reports.

"The number of fantastic organizations that applied for grants this grant cycle was overwhelming," Atchison says.

"I wish there was enough funding to support all the organizations in need."

Some of the organizations will use the money for storytelling for healing, using art with animals to help trauma-impacted youth, bringing music to the senior community, dance programs for Parkinson's patients, and more.

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