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Homelessness In Silicon Valley
Regardless of Silicon Valley being known as a place for opulent homes, talent and great jobs, the Valley has also failed to meet most of the basic needs of its residents, starting with food and...more

The Young Man Who Turned $25 into More than 200 Schools Worldwide Releases New Book
Adam Braun, founder of, releases his book aptly titled, "Pencils of Promise". The Promise of a Pencil documents Braun's journey with each chapter. The book explains...more

Pat Eddy: In Helping the Homeless, People Must Know How
Pat Eddy, Central City Improvement District's (CCID) social development manager, shares a survey conducted a few years back where it revealed that about 560 people lived on Cape Town CBD's...more

ONEHOPE: A Triple-Win Social Enterprise Philosophy
ONEHOPE, the social enterprise that raised more than $1 million for charity, is a good example of the triple-win philosophy that dabbles not only in cause-centric commerce, but injects the essence of...more

Social Enterprises: Are They Becoming Mainstream?
A recent research released by the Social Economy Alliance suggests consumers prefer to buy social, but in The Guardian's open thread, questions surface: Will social enterprises ever underpin the UK...more

Social Enterprises Constantly Innovating in Various Markets
Social enterprises are continually innovating in various sectors and markets regardless of limited funding and resources compared to high-profile companies. Different social enterprises are...more

Starbucks Pays its Employees\
Starbucks, with its new "College Achievement Plan", is paying for its employee' college educations for their junior and senior year tuition for a degree from Arizona State University. Employees...more

Civility and Manners: Hope for Today and the Future
The principle of civility - which accounts for having manners, etiquette and politeness - is the hope for today's generation. Sandra Morisset, a professional etiquette trainer, told ABC News...more

Virgin Group CEO Speaks on Social Entrepreneurship
Richard Branson, a British business mogul and founder of the Virgin Group of companies, speaks about social entrepreneurship and improving other people's lives. Branson tells that...more

New Social Enterprise Empowers Stroke Survivors
Bridges Self-Management Limited is now operating as a social enterprise. The organization aims to help stroke survivors get back on the road, fully independent and confident to regain their normal...more

Social Entrepreneurship

How Social Enterprises Are Transforming Societies

How Social Enterprises Are Transforming Societies

Duncan Thorp, Policy and Communications Officer at Social Enterprise Scotland, writes for the Scotsman about empowering community groups, local authorities and social enterprises.

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