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3 Challenges, 3 Solutions: Lessons for Social Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Social enterprise Jolkona co-founder, Adnan Mahmud, intends to empower a new generation of philanthropists. Aiming to inspire and provide guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs and philanthropists,...more

The Repurpose Schoolbag: A Powerful Innovation Project
A South African innovation project uses the power of re-purposing to help more children in rural areas get access to the education they need and deserve. The Repurpose schoolbag is a recycled...more

Civil Society Besieged in Various Parts of the World
United Nations officials and civil society organizations reveal that false charges, murderous intentions and prosecutions are attacking activists around the world. This alarming report causes...more

City Launches Mobile App for Civic Engagement
The city of San Marcos unveiled a mobile device application that enables community members to connect with the city and report community issues. Residents have already used the device to report...more

Civil Society Groups in Yemen Complete Training Course
A hundred civil society organizations (CSO) in Yemen have just finished a training course aimed at strengthening each group's continuing capacity. The training program is geared on training CSOs...more

The Bibliomotocarro: Sharing the Love of Books with Kids of Basilicata
Antonio La Cava, a retired school teacher who grew up in Ferrandina, developed a motorized library to share his love of books with the children of Basilicata. He makes it his mission to promote...more

#OneExtraGift to Help Children in Need
The One Extra Gift campaign, initiated by Ontario resident Tom Wilson, challenges Richland County residents to buy one extra gift to donate to a child in need this holiday season. In a video on...more

Social Entrepreneurship Thrives at Universities
More and more higher education institutions support social entrepreneurship and bring institutional-wide changes on support provision for social entrepreneurs. According to Karl Belizaire, policy...more

Civil Society Groups Band Together to End Racism
Civil society groups have assembled to petition 10,000 signatures insisting that the government should sanction the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination...more

Social Enterprise Promotes Healing of Love
A 13-year-old social enterprise, Thistle Farms, works to address trafficking, addiction and prostitution among women through promoting healing of love. The women of Thistle Farms are bringing...more

Social Entrepreneurship

New Social Enterprise Hub In Ballymena

New Social Enterprise Hub In Ballymena

The Northern Zone Social Enterprise Hub at Ballymena’s Ecos Centre has now officially opened. The launching ceremony was carried out by Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland.

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