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#OneExtraGift to Help Children in Need
The One Extra Gift campaign, initiated by Ontario resident Tom Wilson, challenges Richland County residents to buy one extra gift to donate to a child in need this holiday season. In a video on...more

Arizona Technology Council Urges Governor Brewer to Veto SB 1062
The Arizona Technology Council urged Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB 1062 in a letter signed by more than 80 members of the business community including other trade associations. If the law is...more

\"Crackdown\" on Sudan Civil Society Leads to Widespread Unrest
The Sudan government has recently been involved in a so-called "crackdown" on civil society organizations and leaders. Over the past few months, the freedom within the Sudan community for...more

Planting Seed Spots to Help Social Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas To Life
A Phoenix, AZ-based organization, Seed Spot, works to assist social entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to fruition. Seed Spot provides social entrepreneurs the necessary tools, financial...more

Bread for the World Urges Congress to Pass Unemployment Insurance Bill
Bread for the World commends the Senate for passing the bipartisan bill, H.R. 3979, to reinstate and extend emergency unemployment benefits. According to Rev. David Beckmann, president of Bread...more

Creating Stronger Communities Through \"Mealtime\" Discussions
In the same vein of celebrating evening meals together as a family that ignite animated conversations and flow of ideas, the Community Foundation of Will County acts on that instance by supporting a...more

Elevating Rapport Between Government and Civil Society
Nathaniel Abara, Managing Advisor/CEO, Enterprise Trust & Development Company Limited and economic advisor, writes on the need to bridge the gap between the government and civil society organizations...more

Code for America Launches Australia Incubator
Code for America, a social enterprise coding start-up, has launched a new branch in Melbourne, Australia. The Code for Australia will provide a fellowship program an incubator program and a...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Establishing a Social Enterprise Curriculum

Several British colleges and universities have embraced social entrepreneurship in their curriculum. Pathik Pathak at Southampton have introduced n interdisciplinary module in Social Enterprise, which is open to students of all year groups and across all disciplines.

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