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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Habitat for Humanity Homeowner Fought Homelessness and Addiction
Randall Lewis used to be homeless and afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction. But with some assistance from Room in the Inn, a homeless shelter in Nashville, he was able to find work and a place...more

Churches Work Together to End Homelessness in Middlesex County
Churches such as the Middlefield Federated Church worked together to build an apartment in Notre Dame in order to accommodate the homeless in Middlesex...more

Stable Housing Opportunities Might End Homelessness
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell made the issue of homelessness a top priority and has successfully reduced homelessness by 15 percent as a starting point. Federal, state and community leaders...more

Rehabilitation Work in Downtown Girardville
Schuylkill Community Action (SCA) proposed a plan to construct six residences in downtown Girardville. SCA housing developer Frank Schiffer presented details borough council meeting on the...more

Vancouver Entrepreneur Receives Dalai Lama Award For Supporting Youth
Vancouver entrepreneur John Volken is one of three philanthropists bestowed with the Dalai Lama Humanitarian Award. The other two include Frank Giustra and Djavad Mowafaghian. Volken contributed...more

JPMorgan Chase & Co Develops Grant Program for Small Businesses, Create Affordable Housing
Leading global financial services company, JPMorgan Chase & Co., develops a grant program to boost capital access to small businesses and create affordable housing. The grants are available...more

Federal Funds to Fight Homelessness in Clark County
Over $1 million in federal budget is going to Clark County to address problems of homelessness. Ten nonprofits for housing grant winners are going to receive their share of the federal funds. The...more

How Startups Take Philanthropy to Call the Tune of Economic Growth
James Poulos, a contributing writer at Forbes, explains how startups are now taling philanthropy from charities and inserting them into their business models to spur economic growth and...more

HUD Replenishes Grants for the Local Homeless
The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announces that nearly $7 million in grants would replenish the funding needed by housing programs, organizations and initiatives through its Continuum of Care...more

Social Entrepreneurship

How Social Enterprises Are Transforming Societies

How Social Enterprises Are Transforming Societies

Duncan Thorp, Policy and Communications Officer at Social Enterprise Scotland, writes for the Scotsman about empowering community groups, local authorities and social enterprises.

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