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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Intended and Unintended Consequences of Prison Reform
A study published in the online issue of Journal of Law, Economics & Organization delves into federal court order outcomes denouncing prison crowding and the effects among states following these...more

Community Helps Homeless \"Rock Man\" by Building His Home
Due to his nasty demeanor on the streets of a South Carolina town, longtime Ninety-Six resident and homeless "Rock Man" Ben Richardson wouldn't expect people to help him. But a community-wide...more

Salem County Economic Development Council Welcomes 8 New Members
Newly-established Salem County Economic Development Council has recently announced the appointment of eight new additions to its team. The new members, who will help bring about more businesses in...more

Social Entrepreneurship: Mission Greater Than the Business?
Social entrepreneurship is continuously becoming the pulse behind startup business plans and addressing point in corporate boardrooms. Social businesses are often seeking ways to make a difference in...more

Mesa To Push Economic Development After Finishing Strong in 2012
Mayor Scott Smith of Mesa AZ has recently delivered his State of the City addressw wherein he expressed his intention of making 2013 a huge year for economic and job growth. The mayor hopes that...more

Young Social Entrepreneur Launches Online Store and Feeds Kids In Need
Santana Draper, after learning of how a storm has devastated countless families, created limited edition t-shirt series for boys and young men with the help of his parents. A portion of the proceeds...more

Rehabilitation of City Parks to Spur Economic Development
Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago is planning on a project to rehabilitate hundreds of city playgrounds. The project is called "Chicago Plays" to upgrade and improve the playgrounds from the bottom up...more

School for Social Entrepreneurs
School for Social Entrepreneurs has recently announced its applications for its 2013 nine-month incubator program. The program is currently looking for 20 to 25 applicants in Brisbane, Sydney and...more

Education: Paving the Way for Economic Growth
James Smith, president of the Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland, wants workforce developers to work with school districts to furnish employees with the skills to meet the growing demands of...more

Greater National Threats Than Terrorism: Homelessness And Poverty
Homelessness and poverty are ever-increasing on a regular basis. Crissy Canganelli, guest contributor for and executive director of Shelter House, claims that terrorism is not the...more

Social Entrepreneurship

A Taster Session For Upcoming Social Entrepreneurs

A Taster Session For Upcoming Social Entrepreneurs

The Lloyds Bank and the School for Social Entrepreneurs will be offering opportunities for up and coming social entrepreneurs as part of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2014-2015.

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