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Does the Affordable Care Act Apply to You?
Kristina Grogan of the Health and Human Services Agency in Mendocino County will write the first of a monthly column that covers changes in healthcare relevant to residents in Mendocino...more

Human Awareness Day Teaches Students about Voluntarism
Coyle and Cassidy High School, a Catholic, college-preparatory, co-educational institution, held Human Awareness Day that spotlights various volunteers, religious leaders and nonprofit workers as...more

HUD Recognizes Community Foundation for Public-Philanthropic Partnership
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) honors the Fairfield County Community Foundation as one of 10 recipients in the country of the Secretary's Award for Public-Philanthropic...more

Does Workplace Flexibility Contribute to Moms Spending More Time With Their Kids?
A research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family evaluates workplace flexibility as a contributing factor in having mothers spend more time with their kids. Researchers of the study...more

Melbourne Regional Chamber Names Volunteer of the Year
Alice C. Davenport, facility manager for AAR Airlift in Melbourne, has recently been named 2012 Volunteer of the Year by the Melbourne Regional Chamber of East Central Florida. AAR Airlift...more

Pathfinder Health GP Talks Improving Healthcare in India
West Midlands GP Dr Niti Pall founded Pathfinder Health India to help improve the health care system that India has been dealt with. Pall sets up Pathfinder Health Developments Community Interest...more

Budget Cuts Affect the Most Destitute of Families
Head Start is perhaps the most high-profile casualty among the anti-poverty programs and one where the lasting harm might be most severe, particularly hitting the neediest of families. In a video,...more

Sub-Urban Experience: Criticized for Poverty Tourism
The Sub-Urban Experience, a course in applied homelessness run by Mike Momany, has been severely criticized for capitalizing on the plight of the homeless. Momany asserts that his business is a...more

Bristol Wants to Be Social Enterprise City
Bristol is making efforts to be nationally recognized as a Social Enterprise City. Bristol officials seek to raise its sector profile, attract extra finance and help to make a bigger contribution...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Paper Beads Empower Lives of Vulnerable Women

Paper Beads Empower Lives of Vulnerable Women
Sawa World is dedicated to solving extreme poverty for 1 billion people who live on...

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