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Health Care Innovations Save Lives of Mothers and Children
Ten cost-effective health care innovations could have the potential to save the lives of some 1.2 million mothers and children in 2015. The ten are identified by international experts from...more

HHS Presents $1 Million to Indiana Health Care Group
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announces the awarding of $1 million to the Covering Kids and Families of Indiana to support Medicaid coverage and Health Insurance Programs...more

Gates Lauds Progress in India\
Microsoft magnate Bill Gates roots for the progress in India's health and philanthropic sector. Gates made his commentary in a program called "India Questions" shown on NDTV. Along with him is...more

A Successful Texas Conference on Civic Life
The Texas Conference on Civic Life is a nonpartisan conference introduced participants to hands-on approaches for increasing civic engagement. The conference was held November 9 in Austin at UT's...more

Social Entrepreneurs for Citizens with Disabilities
To spur social investment and economic growth, the European Commission, in collaboration with ONCE Foundation, has kicked off its first European Award for Social Entrepreneurship and...more

Social Entrepreneur Talks about Business as Economic Development Engine
Mill Valley-based Ruth Shapiro, a social entrepreneur, has savvy experience in business innovation and social entrepreneurship. She established The Asia Business Council, a membership organization...more

6 Student-Created Projects That Tackle Climate Change
College students in the U.S. are inventing the coolest and most creative ways to battle climate change and clean up domestic energy production. From recycling unusual earth elements to exercising...more

Tax Reform Coalition Urges Refocus of Tuition Tax Breaks on Vulnerable Families
A coalition of groups called Consortium for Higher Education Tax Reform sent in a report and letter to Congress that calls for eliminating three of the federal tax benefits for education while...more

Ashoka Hosts Elected Community of Storytellers in Residence
Ashoka Fellows and partners builds an elected community of creatives (journalists, writers, photographers, film makers) who are working independently or in publishing houses, and empowers them to...more

Social Entrepreneurship

What Makes a Social Enterprise City

What Makes a Social Enterprise City

Bristol and Plymouth has been awarded the badge of “social enterprise cities”. The badge will also be given to four more cities as part of a scheme to lure investment into social businesses.

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