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Clark County Holds Off Economic Development Funding
Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke recently sent out a letter to the members of the Columbia River Economic Development Council, basically informing them that the funding they...more

Volunteer Patrol Team Keeps Snowmobile Trails Safe
The Forest Preserve's Volunteer Snowmobile Safety Patrol team has been keeping snowmobile trails safe for nearly five years. The volunteer patrol started in response to snowmobile crashes at...more

Big Data Analysis: Engine to Economic Development? contributing writer and CEO of Panjiva, Josh Green, discusses how "Big Data" can be utilized as an engine for economic development. Since economic development has been often been...more

Omaha Chamber of Commerce Commissions Fundraising Campaign For Economic Development
The Omaha Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with several companies and private donors, propels fundraising campaigns to raise more than a million dollars to fund its operations starting 2014 to...more

D.C. Officials Finalize Plans for Economic Development Trip
District officials are planning to catch Austin's annual South by Southwest entertainment and technology festival. The D.C. officials are hoping to boost the city's economic development profile...more

Homeless Veterans Get the Help They Need With $2.4 Million Grant
A $2.4 million grant is awarded to Westchester Community Opportunity Program and Hudson River Housing Program to serve about a thousand homeless veterans and their families. The Department of...more

Personal Finance Is Not Just Mainstream Finance
Personal finance sees to the monetary decisions made by families and individuals. But for low- and middle-income families, personal finance takes into account the importance of homeownership and...more

Native American Financing Pioneer Bags Visionary Leader Award
Gerald Sherman (Oglala Lakota), who has years of experience working in banking and finance in Indian Country, was awarded the 'Visionary Leader Award for Outstanding Achievement' at the 10th Annual...more

Moms Still Spend Most Free Time on Parenting Activities
According to a new study, in dual-career couples, mothers still carry the additional parenting burden during a child's first year even though results showed that both mothers and fathers were highly...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Commits to Organic Agriculture for Economic Sustainability

Social Enterprise Commits to Organic Agriculture for Economic Sustainability
The Organic Valley cooperative comprises 10 percent of the nation’s organic farmers. Established in 1988,...

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