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Rx: Housing Gets Homeless People off the Streets
Brian Scarsbrook, who has battled drug addiction and experienced childhood abuse, founded a program called Rx: Housing. Rx: Housing helps the most vulnerable homeless people off the streets and...more

Social Enterprise Soapbox on Discussing Key Issues in the Sector
The Guardian has recently launched its social enterprise soapbox - a place where key issues in the sector will be addressed by social enterprise leaders and experts. The soapbox acts as an online...more

Verizon to Roll Out Millions to Social Impact Startups
Verizon returns its Powerful Answers award, a competition for startups that present $1 million in prizes. It has already added a new startup category, which is transportation. With four...more

Myanmar President Offers Peace Offering to Civil Society Representatives
Myanmar President U Thein Sein has recently acknowledged the importance of civil society organizations in the process of ensuring lasting peace. As a result, the president has promised to continue...more

School for Social Entrepreneurs
School for Social Entrepreneurs has recently announced its applications for its 2013 nine-month incubator program. The program is currently looking for 20 to 25 applicants in Brisbane, Sydney and...more

Enhancing Civil Society Participation Project Receives $6.5 Million
The Enhancing Civil Society Participation in Local Government for Community Development Safety Project bags a total of $6.5 million to boost participation of civil society in local...more

More Cities Pushing for Homeless Bans and Arrests
More areas in North Carolina, including Columbia town and Raleigh city, seem to be pushing homeless out of their corners, sweeping them in less than prominent locations. Homeless arrests and bans...more

Nonprofits Go for Global Innovation
Many nonprofits around the world have the resources to invest in innovation and are cooking up new solutions and devices to meet the specific needs of a community. The book, "Global Fundraising:...more

Ashoka Network Brings Positive Impact in South Florida
Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is a global nonprofit that aims to help social entrepreneurs with their social impact ideas. South Florida has seen a rise in social entrepreneurship, and...more

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Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy

Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy
Joanne Barkan, author of Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy: The Plutocrats Go to School, discusses “big philanthropy” as...

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