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Planting Seed Spots to Help Social Entrepreneurs Bring Ideas To Life
A Phoenix, AZ-based organization, Seed Spot, works to assist social entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to fruition. Seed Spot provides social entrepreneurs the necessary tools, financial...more

Open Data to Engage Civil Society
The case study called, "Public Procurement in the Philippines," tackles technology-enabled transparency policies around the world. Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit organization, whose work is in...more

Mayor Bill de Blasio Pulls Out Homeless Children from Notorious City-run Shelters
Following the landmark five-part series on the plight of 12-year old Dasani Coates and her family, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration swiftly took action by removing homeless kids in two...more

Social Entrepreneur Launches App about Forgiveness That Could Shape New Ukraine
Mikhail Stepanskiy, a 33-year-old social entrepreneur raised in Kiev, launched a kid's app that teaches about forgiveness. The app was launched just days before the tumultuous day of violent...more

Teaching Middle Eastern Students About Civic Engagement
Miami University is planning to help teach 20 Middle Eastern students this summer about the importance of civic engagement. The Center for Civic Engagement at Miami University Hamilton has secured...more

Telefonica Launches Another Social Enterprise Start-up Accelerator
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg launches his latest project, Wayra UnLtd, a sister operation of Telefonica's Wayra, which aims to promote technology that makes a positive change to...more

Government Collaboration: Promotion and Protection of Civil Society
The governments of the United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Libya, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Norway,...more

Gov. Patrick Announces $25 Million to Fund New Housing Units for Homeless, Veterans, Elderly
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced more than $25 million in funds to help build more than 335 housing units for the homeless, veterans and very low-income seniors and families. The state...more

Youth in Philanthropy to Teach Next Generation About Giving Back
The Youth in Philanthropy program (nicknamed "YIP"), founded by Foundation for MetroWest, was launched in five Concord schools with one common goal: to teach Concord's next generation about...more

Fusion40Fitness Founder & Social Entrepreneur Promotes Fitness to Help Those in Need
Fusion40Fitness founder & social entrepreneur WiL Turner gives back to those in need by advocating fitness and health. WiL, through his projects, hopes to offer fitness and health services to new...more

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Muhammad Yunus: Social Business and the Pursuit of Happiness

Muhammad Yunus: Social Business and the Pursuit of Happiness
Nobel Peace Prize winner, founder of Grameen Bank and chairman, Muhammad Yunus, writes about happiness:...

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