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The Congressman Who Risked His Life To Fight Homelessness
On the eve of March 3, 1987, a group of homeless advocates, Congressmen, and celebrities assembled near Capitol Hill to address the homelessness epidemic that had erupted throughout the...more

Civic Engagement Crucial for San Diego\
In an opinion piece, San Diego's next mayor, which represents the largest city in the region, can play a critical role in shaping the face of local government by addressing the potential of citizens...more

How Charitable and Commercial Purposes Can Partner to Create Common Goals
The Camden Society, an organization that runs services across London and Oxfordshire in the UK, established its social enterprise project, Unity Kitchen. Unity Kitchen has been given the privilege...more

The Fairtrade Label: What Social Enterprises Can Learn From It?
Social enterprise products need to be easily accessible and available in order to compete with the mainstream consumer market. However, consumers are not aware of social enterprises and instead...more

Needing to Address Lack of Diversity in Social Enterprise Leadership
Regardless of the positive growth and success of the social enterprise sector, there is still a need to address the lack of diversity in its leadership. Peter Holbrook, chief executive of Social...more

Startup Brigade Uses Technology To Bring Civic Engagement
Brigade, a new start-up being viewed as a way to engage young voters in politics by making it more like a social media experience, trying to use technology to encourage people to get...more

Nepal's civil society leaders expressed their stern opposition over the formation of an election government headed by the Chief Justice. According to civil society leaders, allowing the head of...more

Increasing Entrepreneurship in Iowa with Special Funds
Iowa Economic Development Authority officials announce there are special funds available to would-be entrepreneurs who want to start a new business. The funding is part of an effort to try to...more

Charities Partnering with Social Enterprises
According to charity lawyer Stephen Lloyd, charitable organizations should welcome the growth of social enterprises since its boom in the social enterprise market is the way to counter the seizure of...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector

Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector
Hong Kong’s social enterprise sector seems to thrive, and the government declares its support for...

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