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DIY Creative Community Helps People Cope with Mental Anguish
The CoolTan charity, which began as a DIY creative community space in 1990 spearheaded by Michelle Baharier and her artist friends in South London, is helping thousands of people each year to address...more

Impact Entrepreneurship for Social Consciousness
Seattle-based freelance journalist Michelle Goodman addressed in an article that wanting to change the world is not a business plan, but social impact should be built into business models. The...more

New El Paso Montecillo Development Geared for Senior Citizens
A Montecillo Development in west El Paso is intended for the area's senior citizens. Geared for adults aged 55 and older, this smart growth project is designed as an urban apartment living for...more

How Can Social Enterprise Education be Instrumental in Future Social Development?
Dr. Pathik Pathak, lecturer in sociology at the University of Southampton, asserts that social enterprise education will be contributory in addressing social challenges in the future. Dr. Pathak...more

The Emergence of Social Intrapreneurs
What is a social intrapreneur and why is it emerging? According to Social intrapreneurs are the ones who remain in their companies and deliver business results that score high on financial, social...more

Meet Peter Thum, Serial Social Entrepreneur
Peter Thum is referred to as a serial social entrepreneur. He's the founder of Ethos Water, an organization that aims to help provide children access to safe, clean water. Thum also created...more

How Do You Bring Sexy Back to Civic Engagement?
William Wolfe-Wylie, writer for O.Canada, shares about Richard Pietro's fight for an open government. To spread awareness about open government and open data, he's riding his motorcycle across...more

A Booklist for Budding Social Entrepreneurs
Bridget Hilton, founder of LSTN Headphones, shares her list of five books to help aspiring social entrepreneurs succeed. Titles on her list include: Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard;...more

The Conservatoire Reweighs Social Business Model
The Conservatoire in Blackheath was confronted with crippling debts, resulting to closure in 2012. The debts drove the Conservatoire to go over its social mission and business model. The...more

SwitchPoint 2014 Gathers Creative Minds to Tackle Global Health and Development Challenges
SwitchPoint 2014, an annual two-day conference, will gather experts, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists around the world to form partnerships, address and solve the major global health and...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Serves Socially Good Chocolate

Social Enterprise Serves Socially Good Chocolate

Allison Roberts, a Canadian born chocolatier, is looking to start a community minded, ethical chocolate factory processing beans in Clonakilty.

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