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Lessons Gained from a Kickstarter Project Social Enterprise
Meredith Ramirez Talusan, co-founder and director of the Ricefield Collective, earned a handful of insight and experience through her Kickstarer-backed social enterprise. The Ricefield Collective...more

ANA Adopts Social Entrepreneurship for New Digital Charity Concept
ANA (All Nippon Airways), a Japanese airline, has joined forces with global innovation organization Ashoka to create a digital charity/donation concept called Blue Wing. Blue Wing will support...more

Teaching Middle Eastern Students About Civic Engagement
Miami University is planning to help teach 20 Middle Eastern students this summer about the importance of civic engagement. The Center for Civic Engagement at Miami University Hamilton has secured...more

Politics of Contemporary Political Movements: The Third Wave
In Politics of Post-Civil Society: Contemporary History of Political Movements in India, Ajay Gudavarthy takes a stab to chart the discourse and politics of contemporary political movements in...more

President Obama\
President Barack Obama provides a few brief remarks in terms of the purpose of the civil society meeting. His focus is on civil society; he believes that the strength and success of all countries...more

Social Entrepreneur that Empowers Youth Talks Entrepreneurship and its Challenges
Cynthia Asoegwu, a Nigeria-based social entrepreneur at Visionary Impact Netwox, speaks on an interview conducted by Maduabuchi Ubani about what makes a social entrepreneur and how she handled the...more

Social Enterprise Initiatives Help Empower Indigenous Communities
At the recent Skoll World Forum, indigenous leaders talked about their social entrepreneurship. Initiatives, such as a healing center in the Amazon forest, protection and deforestation campaigns,...more

The Conservatoire Reweighs Social Business Model
The Conservatoire in Blackheath was confronted with crippling debts, resulting to closure in 2012. The debts drove the Conservatoire to go over its social mission and business model. The...more

Needing to Address Lack of Diversity in Social Enterprise Leadership
Regardless of the positive growth and success of the social enterprise sector, there is still a need to address the lack of diversity in its leadership. Peter Holbrook, chief executive of Social...more

Showcasing Innovations in Human Services
The strategy in the "Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal (PSIJ)" is launched by two Philadelphia social services entrepreneurs to spread the word about what works and what...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Why Social Enterprises Add Value to the Community

Why Social Enterprises Add Value to the Community

The term 'social entrepreneurs’ can seem vague, but essentially it refers to people who show that by thinking and acting in a different way, communities can be improved.

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