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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Solutions to Combating Youth Homelessness: Housing and Work Stability
Youth homelessness can be fought in a two-way street: Providing long-term housing and employment. Housing advocates are pushing for housing services as well as programs to help homeless youth...more

The Race to Fashion a Knit-not Sewn-shoe that Reduces Footwear Wastefulness
Adidas and Nike are locked in a foot race to see who can create a knit-not sewn-shoe that will cut wastefulness of footwear material and doesn't require as much cheap labor to make. The sneaker...more

Community Development Block Grant and Social Services Grant workshop in October
The City Council of Naperville will host a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Social Services Grant workshop in October. The workshop will discuss funding priorities for the two grant...more

What Road Transport Plays In Economic Development
An essay discusses the significant roles transport plays in the economic development of Ghana. Transportation's impact on the economy is conditioned because it grants accessibility and engenders...more

Creative Community Development Strategies for Local Municipalities
In an article published by Michigan State University Extension, restrained financial growth, especially in property tax revenue, will diminish the capacity of local suburbs to redevelop declining and...more

South Jersey Economic Development District Plans to Move Past NextGen Park
After five years of development, the South Jersey Economic Development District may finally have the NextGen Aviation Research and Technology Park behind them. Once the contractors are paid, the...more

Economic Development Plan to Bring Entrepreneurs to Craig
Member of an economic development committee are planning to set up an event geared to bring entrepreneurs and investors to Craig as part of the community's economy-boosting efforts. The expo,...more

San Marcos Seeks Community Development Grants
San Marcos city has recently announced that they are now accepting applications for the Community Development Block Grant Funding. Applications are said to be accepted starting on February 1 up to...more

FairPoint Communications Wins Approval to Craft Statewide Economic Development Strategy
Telecommunications Company, FairPoint Communications, recently won approval and invested in a surfeit of of $500,000 over several years to commission ViTAL Economy, a Maryland-based consulting...more

Make Impact: Social Enterprise Learning
Angela Sanders of Paramus Post shares examples of local social enterprises that may not be obvious, but are slowly making a difference. Sanders put the spotlight on social enterprise, defining it...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector

Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector
Hong Kong’s social enterprise sector seems to thrive, and the government declares its support for...

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