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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Tourism as a Growth Industry
Ball State University director of economic and community development, Richard Heupel, views tourism as a growth industry. He writes that tourism is an industry where it contributes tremendously to...more

A Peek Behind Nova Scotia\
A group advocating for safe and affordable housing released reports suggesting that a portion of homeless people in Halifax is young people. The reason for homelessness in Nova Scotia is lack of...more

Launch of Latest Economic Development Program to Spur 5,000 New Jobs
Gov. Mark Dayton and Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben of the Department of Employment and Economic Development have recently announced the launch of a new statewide economic development...more

Westpac Foundation Offers Social Enterprise Start-Up Grants
The Westpac Foundation will be providing funding of up to $100,000 through its Seed grants for start-up social enterprises. The grant funding aims to push social good efforts of social enterprises...more

New Social Investment Model to Provide Accommodation for Homeless
Framework, a specialist charity for the homeless, and Nottingham Building Society teamed up to launching a unique new social investment model that have interest rates of a commercial loan partly...more

Code for America Launches Australia Incubator
Code for America, a social enterprise coding start-up, has launched a new branch in Melbourne, Australia. The Code for Australia will provide a fellowship program an incubator program and a...more

Lewis: Wyoming Is Set for Economic Development
Rex Lewis, Puma Steel president and co-chair of the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors, claims that Wyoming has a place in economic development. Over the years, the Wyoming Business...more

A Revived Approach To Resolving Homelessness
Housing Solutions USA, a next generation nonprofit, has recently announced it plan to address the problem of homelessness in NYC, and at the same time set a higher standard in transitional...more

Williamsport Pursues Funding for Area Redevelopment
The city of Williamsport hopes to get the $25,000 grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development to pay for a study on redeveloping areas east of Market Street. The areas to...more

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