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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Omaha Chamber of Commerce Commissions Fundraising Campaign For Economic Development
The Omaha Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with several companies and private donors, propels fundraising campaigns to raise more than a million dollars to fund its operations starting 2014 to...more

Suppressing Homelessness in McHenry County
In partnership with Home of the Sparrow, the Housing Opportunity Development Corp. will rehabilitate and build affordable housing for needy families and individuals. Permanent housing has been a...more

HUD Announces Nearly $120 Million Funds to Revitalize Housing and Communities
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that four communities will be securing a combined $119.7 million to rehabilitate HUD-assisted housing and bring comprehensive...more

Student Innovators Take Part in Southshire Challenge
In its first year, the Southshire Challenge is a new initiative where local businesses or government organizations presented students in grades K-12 with a challenge. Participating schools that...more

Dane County DHS Awards Community Development Block Grant to Cambridge
The Dane County Department of Human Services has provided a Community Development Block Grant to Cambridge to train its small business owners and Village Economic Team in producing strategic plans...more

Apartment Style Living Considered to be a Solution to Homelessness
In an effort to address homelessness concerns, Hillsborough County officials has been looking for ways to end long-standing cases of homelessness, a search which led them Cypress Landing. Cypress...more

Seattle's Pioneer Human Services presents programs for people who are re-integrating themselves back to society from prison or those who are overcoming chemical addiction and a mental...more

Fall River To Invest $100,000 For Business Recruitment, Attraction
Fall River, Massachusetts officials support Mayor Will Flanagan's administration in improving economic development with a $100,000 funding in the fiscal 2015 budget geared to commence its search...more

ONE Week Campaign Kicks Off Homelessness Awareness
The ONE Week campaign launches with a poverty-simulation undertaking administered by the Nonprofit Leadership Student Alliance (NLSA). During the poverty simulation, students are able to...more

25,000 New Jobs Predicted
The social enterprise sector is projected to create 25,000 new jobs in the next seven years. According to Forfas, Ireland's policy advisory board for enterprise, report shows how the sector,...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Project: From Darkness to Light

Social Enterprise Project: From Darkness to Light
A socially innovative project called Jyothirgamaya, which means “from darkness to light” helps blind children in Kerala,...

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