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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

More Affordable Homes for Millions of Americans
Michael Rubinger, president and CEO of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, writes for CNN about the nation's desperate state of low-cost housing and its critical economic impact. In the...more

A Creative Economic Development
One type of Montana economic development is more creative than the traditional business promotion model that most communities and businesses undertake. A creative economic development is...more

Award-Winning Tax Attorney Inspires Youth of Germantown
Award-winning tax attorney and advocate, Nikki Johnson-Huston, hopes to affect policy change. She talks with Germantown youth of LOGAN Hope School at Tabor Children's Services to share her inspiring...more

What Road Transport Plays In Economic Development
An essay discusses the significant roles transport plays in the economic development of Ghana. Transportation's impact on the economy is conditioned because it grants accessibility and engenders...more

Rehabilitation Support for Homeless Women Veterans
The Department of Veteran's Affairs exposes a staggering number of former female soldiers becoming homeless by the day. Most of these female veterans now inhabit friends' houses, cars and...more

Recreation Center Project Represents Community Approach to Economic Development
The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation proposes a Town Recreation Center during a community conversation, which will depict a new grassroots, community approach to community and...more

Mayoral Candidate Lays Out Economic Development Plan
La Crosse mayoral candidate, Tim Kabat, has recently introduced a development plan he has created for the city. Kabat made cited economic development as the forefront of this plan, expressing his...more

Homeless Advocates\
Families and staff of Housing Families, a Malden-based nonprofit organization, visit the State House this week. The nonprofit homeless advocates connect with homeless and formerly homeless...more

County Sets $920,000 to Fund Economic Development Incentives
Isle of Wight has allocated $920,000 to fund economic development incentives and grants as part of the county's efforts to attract larger businesses to the county and encourage existing businesses...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Rollercoaster: Riding it in 2014

Social Enterprise Rollercoaster: Riding it in 2014

Cliff Prior, chief executive of UnLtd, a UK-based foundation for social entrepreneurs, writes his preconceived notions about how social enterprise will be a wild rollercoaster ride in 2014.

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