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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Recreation Center Project Represents Community Approach to Economic Development
The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation proposes a Town Recreation Center during a community conversation, which will depict a new grassroots, community approach to community and...more

Culver City Community Development Projects On Track
City Manager John Nachbar has recently presented Culver City Community Development project updates to the city council. Please refer to the original article for...more

The Next 20 Genius Kids to Get $100,000 Peter Thiel Funds to Ditch College
Peter Thiel, PayPal creator, libertarian and The Thiel Foundation founder, is constantly challenging the status quo with its Thiel Fellows program. The program offers a select group of...more

Foundation Financial Group Outstrips $1.4 Million in Social Investments
The Foundation Financial Group, a financial services company, recently exceeds its $1.4 million in social investments that support its multiple philanthropic efforts. The group's main priority is...more

A City Set to Invest in Economic Growth
Oklahoma City follows the steps of Colorado Springs in investing for economic growth and change. The city has launched a project known as MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects), which resulted in...more

Clark County Holds Off Economic Development Funding
Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke recently sent out a letter to the members of the Columbia River Economic Development Council, basically informing them that the funding they...more

Missouri Works to Aid Local Businesses
The Missouri Works program, established by the state Department of Economic Development to provide benefits if an industry employs additional workers and generates capital investments. There are...more

Case Study on Las Vegas Investors and Housing Markets
The Las Vegas case study examined four areas in the Las Vegas Metro featuring low to middle-level housing market subareas. Investors displayed a persistent presence throughout the study area,...more

Transparency Legislation for Indiana\
The transparency legislation for Indiana's state funded economic development has been lobbied to both houses of the General Assembly. Indiana taxpayers will be able to access better visibility,...more

Fifth Annual MADE In Missouri State Entrepreneurship Competition
The Missouri Valley Community Action Agency announces its fifth annual MADE In Missouri State Entrepreneurship Competition. This year's event will be launched by MVCAA and the Missouri Alliance...more

Social Entrepreneurship

The First Billion-Dollar Social Enterprise in America

The First Billion-Dollar Social Enterprise in America
Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital has purchased 50 percent of TOMS, the One For One shoe,...

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