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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

What Road Transport Plays In Economic Development
An essay discusses the significant roles transport plays in the economic development of Ghana. Transportation's impact on the economy is conditioned because it grants accessibility and engenders...more

Committed Solutions to Homelessness Needed Now
Plans to eradicate homelessness are being brought to attention. The Performing Arts Center of Bethune-Cookman University will be gathering more than 2,000 people to face the problem concerning single...more

Housing Vouchers Can Do Better In Expanding Access To Good Schools In Safe Neighborhoods
The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, while it helps bring families into better neighborhoods, still has the possibility of accomplishing more. The problem is, there is still lack of access to...more

Concordia Researchers Promote New Tool for Sustainable Construction
Concordia University researchers develop new tool to a more sustainable construction policy in compliance with long-term urban planning objectives in Montreal. Concordia's Department of...more

Thumbs Up for Hillsdale County\
Hillsdale Community Health Center CEO, Duke Anderson, has recently expressed his delight over the progress of the county's economic development. During a presentation given by the Hillsdale...more

Greene County to Modify Community Development Block Grant Program
Greene County officials recently stated that they will submit a proposal to the state Department of Community and Economic Development to redirect the county's Community Development Block Grant...more

Wyoming Business Council Releases Grants for Economic Development
Wyoming Business Council, an organization that incorporates private business practices for the welfare of the clients it serves, has prompted economic development in Laramie County. The Business...more

CSR vs Social Enterprise: Which Strikes More Impact?
New research from the IMPACT Project finalised - Final Conference 17&18 September 2013 finds that social enterprises that are three years old or younger are pioneering in social impact. The...more

Minnesota Coalition Pursues $100 Million in Bonds to Tackle Homelessness
The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless hopes that the Legislature will approve $100 million in bonds this year to build affordable housing. According to Willmar-based Rhonda Otteson, southwest...more

Department of Economic Development Reports Rise of Employment in Missouri
The Department of Economic Development reports that Missouri's unemployment rate is lower than the national unemployment rate. Spokesman Joh Fougere enthuses that it's a good sign the state...more

Social Entrepreneurship

The Power of Being Unreasonable

The Power of Being Unreasonable

Teju Ravilochan co-founded the Unreasonable Institute in 2009 to design an academy to tackle poverty, social justice, and educational voids. It’s a social-good school for traditional and nonprofit companies to learn how to speed-up, find partners, and help fund their world-changing ideas.

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