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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Lewis: Wyoming Is Set for Economic Development
Rex Lewis, Puma Steel president and co-chair of the Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors, claims that Wyoming has a place in economic development. Over the years, the Wyoming Business...more

Bright LED-strap Belt Promotes Pedestrian Safety
The Halo Belt 2.0, a new kickstarter-funded safety device created by Vincent Ng, is designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists in all light conditions. The device is an extra-bright LED strap...more

County Summit To Unite Community, Improve Economic Development
The Montgomery County Summit aims at getting community residents to work and network together, and learn about how they can contribute in fostering economic development. The Summit will be held on...more

New Policy Brief Reports Former-Advantage Families Return to Shelter
A new policy brief is released today to featuring the failed Advantage program. It seems more former-Advantage families are returning to homeless shelters and receive no further ongoing rental...more

Brown University Scientists Speak of Coastal Community Resilience
Members of Brown University's research team, Heather Leslie and Leila Sievanen, aim their study on human-environment interactions in coastal regions. Leslie and Sievanen will be attending a...more

Vacant Lots On Chicago Blocks Cost A Dollar Each?
In an effort to eliminate neighborhood blight, Chicago is giving away vacant lots for just $1 each. There's a catch, however. To obtain one, you must already own a home on the same block. The...more

Over the next two years, Skopje will be anticipating the construction of twenty new hotels in the locality due to the increase of foreign tourists. The increased foreign tourists in the area are...more

Grafton Project Aims To Turn The Town Around
In a Grafton fellowship church, staff members from the West Virginia Community Development Hub held a two-hour workshop session in hopes to complete a grant application to fund a project to turn the...more

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How to Get Company Leaders Participate in Employee Volunteer and Giving Programs

How to Get Company Leaders Participate in Employee Volunteer and Giving Programs

Get your company’s top dogs engaged more in volunteer work and giving back programs through these 5 helpful steps: 1) Attend volunteering events, 2) Send some emails, 3) Put your money where your mouth is, 4) Board up, and 5) Celebrate successes.

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