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Keweenaw Community Foundation Launches Food Program

A foundation in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has launched a food program aimed at boosting children's health by teaching them how to grow and prepare fruits and vegetables. The Hancock-based...more

Cheltenham School District Foundation To Hold First Annual Food Truck Jamboree

Coming this Sept. 14, the Cheltenham School District Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to sponsor innovative programs not sponsored by local schools, prepares to host its first annual Food Truck...more

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Awards $6 Million to Michigan State University for Food
Foundation: Kellogg Foundation

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has awarded $6 million in grants to Michigan State University in East Lansing for research and outreach programs to support and encourage access to healthy food in the...more

Radical Hospitality: Philanthropy In Philadelphia

For-profit restaurant business, CookNSolo, and renowned nonprofit, Broad Street Ministry (BSM) has partnered to conceive Rooster Soup Co., a new innovative restaurant that serves soups like pastramen...more

Belle Fourche Dairy Queen Helps Community By Serving Good Food
Foundation: Black Hills Area Community Foundation

Belle Fourche Dairy Queen, along with 33 of the state's DQ restaurants, lead a fundraiser that donated at least $1 from every burger sold for the Rancher Relief Fund administered by the Black Hills...more

CCOF Announces Future Organic Farmer Grant Funds

The CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) Foundation is offering grants to support students who wish to pursue a career in organic farming. At least $2,500 grants will be made available for...more

Least of These Food Pantry Gets $3,000 Grants
Foundation: Slusher Foundation

The Roy W. Slusher Foundation has dished out $3,000 in grants to Christian County's largest food pantry -- Least of These Food Pantry -- at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout. The funds...more

Fort Dodge Students and Volunteers Help to Feed the Community

Hundreds of Fort Dodge Middle School students and community members packaged an estimated 40,000 meals to help and feed the people in the community. The food packaging event is a collaborative...more

Two Community Grants Help to Improve Jesus Center Farm
Foundation: North Valley Community Foundation

The Lundberg Family Foundation and North Valley Community Foundation awarded $5,000 apiece to Jesus Center community farm. The grants aim to consistently provide fresh food and produce as well as...more

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