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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Philanthropy Modestly Rises from a Five-Year Slump
The Giving USA Foundation, in partnership with Indiana University, unveils a report from its 58th edition showing how the American philanthropic industry has been slowly, but steadily rising despite...more

Trustees to Engage More in Fundraising Efforts
Carlos Miranda, a writer for the UK Guardian, cites three common reasons why trustees lack involvement in the fundraising process. Miranda breaks down these top three reasons and explains that...more

Volunteering Can Reduce Hypertension Risk in Older Adults
According to research published in the Psychology & Aging journal, older adults who spend their time volunteering at least 200 hours in a year are less likely to develop hypertension compared to...more

Rock Island Community Grants Available
Rock Island Community Development Block Grant funding is now available for agencies and organizations seeking funding to support housing, neighborhood and economic development...more

Foundation Financial Group Outstrips $1.4 Million in Social Investments
The Foundation Financial Group, a financial services company, recently exceeds its $1.4 million in social investments that support its multiple philanthropic efforts. The group's main priority is...more

West Contra Costa Seeks Volunteers for Earth Day
West Contra Costa is looking for volunteers to help with the maintenance and cleanup of the area's creeks, shorelines, parks and other places for Earth Day. Activities include Albany's shoreline...more

Marin County Boosts Volunteer Program Staff
Officials at Marin County has recently anounced that they are looking to hire a human resource assistant to help two staffers in the process of overseeing the Civic Center's volunteer...more

Charity Leaders Hope to Draw from $48 Billion Share of Wealth
Minnesota charity officials hope to tap into the largest transfer of wealth happening in the nation. An estimated $43 trillion is expected to pass from baby boomers and their parents to the...more

Clark County Cuts Funding For Columbia River Economic Development Council
Earlier this month two commissioners from Clark County's governing board has voted to cut off the $100,000 fund that it sends to the Columbia River Economic Development Council each year to help...more

Social Entrepreneurship

5 Healthy Habits of Companies Successful in Community Engagement

5 Healthy Habits of Companies Successful in Community Engagement
Here are the star companies that have succeeded in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs....

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