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Recognizing Volunteerism and Its Benefits
Written by Santa Maria Times contributor Amy Silva, the articles on this page are part of a series identifying the outcomes of the volunteers in the community and the benefits they draw from...more

Angel Investor Ron Conway Targets Homelessness
Angel investor Ron Conway announces that his association of San Francisco-based tech companies will make Project Homeless Connect its philanthropy focus for the year. company tech...more

Special Olympics Michigan Needs Volunteers for State Basketball Finals
Volunteers are needed for the Special Olympics Michigan state basketball finals, which will take place this weekend. Special Olympics spokesman Aaron Mills told WOOD Radio that they need...more

McManus Delves Into US-Style Philanthropy Issue
John McManus, business editor of the Irish Times, digs into the issue foregoing European philanthropic models and advocating for US-style philanthropy instead. McManus points at Minister for the...more

The Civic Engagement Distinguished Lecture
David Scobey, executive dean of the New School for Public Engagement in New York, emphasized the need to add civic engagement as part of school curriculum. Scobey presented the Annual Civic...more

Department of Growth Management Seeks Board Volunteer
It has recently been reported that the Okaloosa County's Department of Growth Management is seeking for a volunteer to serve as a consumer representative for the Electrical Trade Industry...more

Homeless Man Who Returned Money Gets $150,000 Funding
Glen James, a homeless man who returned more than $2,000 in cash and nearly $40,000 in traveler's checks, was honored a hero. According to James, he never considered keeping the money in the...more

The Good Karmic Cycle of Intentional Philanthropy that Stimulates Social Change
When Dr. James "Greg" White and his orthodontist practice firm White, Greer and Maggard became involved in specific philanthropic projects, they realized that more people also became involved with...more

Students, Community Members Volunteer to Freeze for Polar Plunge
College students and community members volunteered to take a freezing, outdoor plunge during Volunteer ASU's annual Polar Plunge following months of fundraising competition to raise money for the...more

Building Dreams for Marines Perform Construction Projects for WWII Veterans in Need
The Building Dreams for Marines, a nonprofit organization, is helping renovate a World War II veteran's home. WWII Gunnery Sgt. Bernie Ruchin, who tore four tendons and is currently going through...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy

Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy
Joanne Barkan, author of Big Philanthropy vs. Democracy: The Plutocrats Go to School, discusses “big philanthropy” as...

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