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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Paying It Forward With Hundreds of Care Packages
Nearly 300 packages were assembled by dozens of parents and their children inside a Waunakee church as a Thanksgiving offering for the area's hungry and homeless. The effort was a small, family...more

A New Legal Definition of Charity
In an analysis by CLASP, do we need a new legal definition of charity? In response to the question, the history of the federal tax definition of charity and the law of charity must be considered...more

Vans Jumps Into Giving Program to Support the Arts in Schools
Vans, the popular shoes manufacturer that promotes youth culture, has initiated Custom Culture, a giving program that supports the arts in schools -- benefiting kids and bringing awareness to the...more

Gates Lauds Progress in India\
Microsoft magnate Bill Gates roots for the progress in India's health and philanthropic sector. Gates made his commentary in a program called "India Questions" shown on NDTV. Along with him is...more

Vermont Inmates Build Motorcycle to Support Homeless Veterans
Vermont prison inmates is building a motorcycle to be auctioned to support homeless veterans, an effort that's part of the Department of Corrections' motorcycle program --a partnership with Green...more

Reading Program Needs Volunteers
The Start Making a Reader Today Program, organized by SMART, is seeking for volunteers to help them cater to more than 700 student participants in Klamath County. The program reportedly needs 95...more

Iowa Economic Development Authority has unveiled its Project Alluvion, which will grant $18 million in sales tax rebates for Microsoft to create a data center in West Des Moines. The data center...more

McGruff the Crime Dog Injects Life into Meridian Veterans Post
Vietnam Navy veteran Frank Griffith joined the Meridian Veterans of Foreign Wars post have volunteered his extra hours to serve the community. Griffith wanted to turn things around, so he started...more

Entrepreneurial Companies Provide Employee Volunteers While Helping Other Firms
Companies such as EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young) and United Way ingrain its employees with a sense that they are giving something back to society through volunteer work. Most of these...more

Pawtucket Foundation Releases Strategic Plans for Economic Development
The Pawtucket Foundation has released new strategies that will guide the organization's work to boost economic development over the next three fiscal years. Dan Sullivan, co-chairman of the...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Associates Guide Clients to Spur Social Wellbeing and Purpose

Social Enterprise Associates Guide Clients to Spur Social Wellbeing and Purpose

Social Enterprise Associates (SEA), a New Mexico fellowship of consultants banded together to deliver social mission-based services, are the first, B Lab certified company in the region and have been awarded as one of the 2014 Best for the World B Corps for their long-range economic and social impact.

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