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Spirit of Philanthropy Is Alive and Kicking In Fairfield
Philanthropy in the Greater Fairfield County is ever-growing, as described by the Connecticut Post (CP), Southwestern Connecticut's daily newspaper. CP will be creating a newspaper section that...more

United Way of Washtenaw County Unveils Virtual Volunteer Center
The United Way of Washtenaw County will introduce a new online volunteer center by the end of summer. The center will connect people interested in volunteering with local nonprofits that depend on...more

The Folly of Philanthropy
The Wall Street Journal profiles the new book 'The Good Rich and What They Cost Us.' According to the reviewer, the book, which covers over two centuries of American philanthropy, posits that...more

Ambulance Volunteers Shortage Has Australian Locals Worried
Volunteers shortage impedes ambulance support for small towns in Australia and has the locals worried. According to Terry Whales of the SA Ambulance Service, most stations in Australia are manned...more

BottleRock Music Fest Needs Volunteers
The highly acclaimed BottleRock Napa Valley music festival will be giving out free one-day pass tickets for volunteer labor. Over 700 volunteers could be used during the five-day festival at the...more

Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign To Hold Benefit Concert for Homeless
Zack Danger Brown, who spearheaded the scrumptious potato salad Kickstarter campaign that started with a modest amount of $10 for a quality side dish, will host a benefit concert to help alleviate...more

Programs for the Homeless Granted $7.3 Million
Greene, Warren, Miami and Montgomery county programs working to fight homelessness each receive a part of the $7.3 million in grant renewals by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development...more

Social Good Brand Gives Away Inspirational Stories of Courage
COURAJ is a social good clothing brand founded by Chris Duncan. Based in Austin, TX, it is based on the buy 1, give 1 model. However, instead of giving a product with every purchase, it is giving...more

Wells Fargo Imparts $3.8 Million for Triangle Philanthropy Efforts
Wells Fargo & Co., provider of banking and investment, contributed $3.8 million in the Triangle East region in 2012. The donation is part of the $15.6 million in North Carolina philanthropy for...more

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