World Environment Day: Intensify Efforts for More Sustainable Outcomes

India is the fifth-highest source of plastic waste in the world, according to data from the Central Pollution Control Board, and the country wants to do something about it. On the 50th...more

Fao Exclusive Part Ii: Food Tech and Sector Innovation Vital for Apac to Overcome 'Peculiar ...

A new report from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization finds that 1.2 billion people in Asiamore than a third of the world's populationface food insecurity, meaning they can't afford a healthy...more

Uae Has History and Innovation to Light Up Cop28

The United Arab Emirates kicked off the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Doha, Qatar, on Monday with a promise to keep global...more

Creative Writing Class Ready to Roll

If you love to write and want to improve your skills in poetry, short stories, and travel narratives, Arizona's Fountain Hills Recreation Department has just the class for you. The department is...more

Brussels Celebrates World Environment Day

Monday is World Environment Day, and the UN is using it to call attention to the problem of plastic pollution. In Brussels, for example, the city hall will be lit up in green in honor of the...more

Aboitiz Group Joins Global Efforts to #Beatplasticpollution on World Environment Day 2023

The Aboitiz Group, a conglomerate based in the Philippines, wants to be "the Philippines' first techglomerate," and one way it's trying to do that is by turning seaweed into plastic, Fortune...more

Empowering Nexans Employees for Climate Action

In the fight against climate change, one company is taking a standagainst plastic bags. Nexans, a French engineering firm, has become the first company in the world to ban the sale of bags made...more

Palladium and Bamboo Boost Fundraising Bonds

"In a move set to transform the fundraising landscape, global impact firm Palladium has deepened its ties with asset management arm Bamboo Capital Partners, aiming to bolster their fundraising...more

Meet Naz: The Young Entrepreneur Redefining Skincare with Newdtral

Naz, as he's known on Instagram, has "glowing, glass-like skin." But as a 16-year-old with cystic acne, he didn't want to go the doctor. So he did his own online research on how to deal with...more

Young Entrepreneurs Benefit From Youth Economy Business Mixer

Arthur Allain is a five-time soca monarch, a five-time Grammy award-winning singer, and the founder and CEO of Helen's Daughters, a Dominica-based social entrepreneur. He's also, as the Guardian...more

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Innovative South African Job App

Giraffe, the South African start-up using technology to help tackle unemployment in South Africa through an automated recruitment service, has announced it has raised a seed round of funding led by Silicon Valley venture firm Omidyar Network.

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