Cost of National Security: Converting Military Contracts Into Green Energy Contracts

Research Director at National Priorities Project, Mattea Kramer, and lead author of A Peopleís Guide to the Federal Budget, Miriam Pemberton, write about the cost of national security.

According to the writers, around $600 billion are rolled out into the Department of Defense each year. The US accounts for a shocking 40% of all military expenditures worldwide, while some members of Congress are ready to use the next war as a stratagem to assist or even expand the current wartime military costs. Instead, transforming military contracts to green energy projects makes military spending more feasible.

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Social Entrepreneurship

A Social Business Strategy

A Social Business Strategy

MBA and Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server,¬†Symon Garfield, writes, ‚ÄúSocial business has no value without purpose. If you know what you are trying to do (strategy) then that will give you the means to measure success (business case or value proposition), and that in turn will help you assess investments in social against other priorities. The starting point is strategy.‚ÄĚ

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