HHS on National Native American Heritage Month 2013

credit: Flickr

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius releases a statement recognizing National Native American Heritage Month.

This year's theme, "Guiding Our Destiny with Heritage and Traditions: Leading the Way to Healthier Nations," speaks to the vital role that cultural heritage plays in strengthening families and communities. The month celebrates the diverse histories and cultures of American Indian and Alaska Native people.

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Federal Programs Related to - American Indian/Native American Studies

Programs that focus on the history, sociology, politics, culture, and economics of one or more of the American Indian, Aleut, Inuit, Hawaiian and other native peoples of the Americas from earliest times until the present with particular emphasis on U. S. and Canadian populations and their problems, but including reference to Caribbean and Latin American native peoples. American Native Peoples; Aleut Studies; American Indian Studies; Apache Studies; Arapaho Studies; Arawak Studies; Aztec Studies; Blackfoot Studies; Carib Studies; Cherokee Studies; Cheyenne Studies; Chipewa Studies; Choctaw Studies; Cree Studies; Creek Indian Studies; Crow Indian Studies; Dakota Indian Studies; Hawaiian Studies; Hopi Studies; Huastec Studies; Incan Studies; Iroquois Studies; Inuit Studies; Kiowa Studies; Mayan Studies; Micmac Studies; Mixtec Studies; Mohawk Studies; Native American Studies ; Navajo Studies; Ojibwa Studies; Oneida Studies; Osage Studies; Otomi Studies; Popolacan Studies; Quechuan Studies; Quiche Studies; Senecan Studies; Shoshone Studies; Tupi Studies; Winnebago Studies; Zapotec Studies; Zuni Studies

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Programs that support the personal and social development of individuals and families; provide care, protection and supervision; and enhance the individual's independence and ability to manage his or her own resources.

See also: Food (K03); Health Care (Major Group E); Housing (Major Group L); Legal Services (I05); Mental Health, Substance Abuse (Major Group F); Recreation & Sports (Major Group N); Youth Development (Major Group O)

Use references: Community Services; Multiservice Programs; Neighborhood Multipurpose Centers; Settlement House Programs; Social Services; Social Work

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