CDC Promotes EITC and VITA Awaremess

'Money Matters' has been released by Citi Community Development, marking the second annual EITC Awareness Campaign. The publication, available in English and Spanish seeks to increase awareness in 16 eastern states of the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program from the IRS.

Citi Community Development is leading Citis commitment to achieve economic empowerment and growth for underserved individuals, families and communities by expanding access to financial products and services, and building sustainable business solutions and innovative partnerships.

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Federal Programs Related to - Financial Counseling

Programs that provide advice and guidance for people who need assistance in obtaining credit, obtaining or correcting information in their credit records, reducing their debt burden, managing their financial resources more effectively or paying their bills in an orderly way. Bankruptcy Assistance; Credit Counseling; Credit Denial Assistance; Credit Rating Assistance; Debt Consolidation Services; Debt Management; Foreclosure Assistance; Investment Counseling; Money Management; Personal Finances Administration; Personal Financial Management Counseling; Property Lien Assistance; Repossession Assistance; Representative Payee Services; Protective Payee Services; Bill interpretation Assistance; Financial Record Keeping Assistance; Debt. Liquidation Counseling; Mortgage Default Assistance; Debt Repayment Counseling; Tax Assistance

Federal Programs Related to - Business Promotion

Programs that promote the general commercial interests of the community or the interests of particular trades. Business Leagues; Business Retention; Chambers of Commercial; Local Business Associations; Industry-Specific Promotion; Trade Association; Trade Groups Business Recruitment & Attraction Programs provide any of a wide variety of incentives to encourage new businesses and industries to locate in a particular community, to provide development and expansion opportunities for existing businesses, and to discourage existing businesses from leaving the area and relocating elsewhere. Attraction of Business; Business Recruitment; Empowerment Zones; Enterprise Zones; Industrial Park Development; Media Production Liaison Services

Federal Programs Related to - Small & Minority Business Development Programs

Programs that provide technical assistance, venture capital, loans, loan guarantees or other forms of support: to encourage the establishment and growth of businesses that are owned and operated by individuals or groups who are representative of an ethnic minority, women or another minority population; and for individuals or groups who want to establish or expand the operation of a small business enterprise or venture. Also included are programs that protect the interests of small businesses and assure that they receive a fair share of government purchases, contracts, subcontracts and sales of government property.

Business Assistance Center Services; Business Incubator Programs; Disadvantaged Business Development; Entrepreneurial Training; Government Contract Procurement Assistance; Minority Business Loans; Minority Owned Business Development; Minority Vendor Certification; Small Business Counseling; SBA Loans; Small Business Administration Loans; Small Business Loans; Women Owned Business Development

Social Entrepreneurship

5 P’s of Social Entrepreneurship

Monika Mitchell, founder of Good Business New York, asks, Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Social Entrepreneur? She lists down the five P’s essential in every entrepreneur: Passion. Purpose. Plan. Partner. Profit. 

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