Major Cities Witness Recent Homeless Growth

According the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, New York City and Los Angeles both account for one-fifth of the nation's homeless population. Both cities have witnessed significant increases in homelessness since 2010.

Major cities in these five states - California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas - also account for half of the nation's homeless.

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Federal Programs Related to - Services for the Homeless

Programs that provide supportive services for individuals and families who are homeless or which work with people who are at risk for homelessness in an effort to prevent them from losing their permanent residence.

Federal Programs Related to - Poverty Studies

Programs that conduct research in the area of social science that involves the systematic study of the origins, causes, demographics and costs of poverty and the efficacy of proposed or implemented poverty alleviation measures.

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    Foundation Provides Interest-free Loans to Start Up Social Enterprises

    Foundation Provides Interest-free Loans to Start Up Social Enterprises
    TheĀ Charities Aid FoundationĀ has set up a scheme, called theĀ Social Enterprise Assist,Ā that will render interest-free loans...

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