A Glimpse at the Life of a Follyfoot Social Enterprise Horse

credit: Flickr

Sally Brammall, a journalist, looks at the life of a horse from Follyfoot – a social enterprise using equine therapy to help people suffering from behavioral problems or mental or physical illnesses.

Equine therapy can be used to aid people in recovery from serious illnesses. According to founder Claire Friend and her sister, Sophie Morris, "Cancer patients can get a lot of comfort from being around horses, because as such big powerful creatures, many people are scared of them. A bit like cancer. Getting to know a horse allows people to feel like they are taking control again."

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneur Catches Waste of Opportunity

Social Entrepreneur Catches Waste of Opportunity

Steven Cornish, founder of aimwith, based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a social equity marketplace for impact where crowdfunders, impact investors, and charitable organizations invest in change together.

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