Matchmaking for Economic Development

credit: Inner Stream

The SiteLink Forum makes its week's mission to match economic development people and site selectors at the conference held at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino.

The site selectors are the people who specialize in various industries hired by companies to search locations for factories, call centers and other businesses -- with facts about their cities and regions.

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Federal Programs Related to - Regional Economic Development

Programs that provide technical assistance, venture capital, loans, loan guarantees or other forms of management support to encourage the establishment and growth of business and industry in a particular region of the United States.

Federal Programs Related to - Public, Society Benefit, General/Other

Programs that focus on promoting the effective functioning of government, public administration and public officials and support or provide services required for the effective functioning of society's infrastructure.

    Federal Programs Related to - Community Economic Development

    Programs that provide technical assistance and funds to help communities retain and recycle income within the community by investing in the development of local institutions and businesses.

    Business Growth; Business Loans; Economic Growth; Economic Transformation; Real Estate Organizations; Socioeconomic Development; Technology Transfer; Transfer of Technology; Urban Enterprise Zones

    Social Entrepreneurship

    Billionaire Philanthropists Standing in Lieu of the Federal Government

    Billionaire Philanthropists Standing in Lieu of the Federal Government

    Philanthropy is not just seen as an alternative solution to problems left by the government. It plays an under-recognized role, working in the background of trends that resulted to the shutdown in the first place.

    Jobs in the Social Sector

      Fundraising & Development Jobs
      Foundation Related Jobs
      Education Jobs
      Fundraising & Development Jobs
      Substance Abuse Jobs