A New Kind of Green Mini-Space In NYC Is Built with Tons of Hidden Benefits

Curbside mini-gardens or "bioswales" that have been around for hundreds of years lining New York City streets could help save the city billions of dollars.

Why? It's underground layered system can engulf as much as 2,000 gallons of water every time it rains, thus billions of dollars will be saved because these green spaces are cheaper. Other benefits: The mini-gardens will help make the city cooler by reducing the urban heat that comes from the pavement, ultimately lowering air-conditioning bills; trees and plants can help clean the air; and in some neighborhoods, mini-gardens in the city are a fresh sight that can raise property values.

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Social Enterprise Supply Shack Gives Check to Local Charity Diverse Abilities Plus

Social Enterprise Supply Shack Gives Check to Local Charity Diverse Abilities Plus

Supply Shack Ltd , a social enterprise and SEUK member, has presented a check to Diverse Abilities Plus, a Poole-based charity that works to help people with disabilities.

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