San Francisco: Funding for Homeless Should Increase


Marking the anniversary of San Francisco's Ten Year Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness, budget analysts learns that the city is spending a whopping $165 million on programs to fight homelessness per year, including state and federal funding it receives.

With the city's inability to afford stable housing, the Homeless Emergency Services Programs Association recommends the city to take advantage of the rising corporations, community development projects and property transfers to offset the increasing rental payments and apply for additional funding to re-house hundreds of homeless individuals and displaced households.

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Federal Programs Related to - Housing, General/Other

Programs that seek to meet the basic shelter needs of the community by providing temporary shelter for people who are in emergency situations, home improvement programs, housing location assistance and a variety of housing alternatives.

Federal Programs Related to - Services for the Homeless

Programs that provide supportive services for individuals and families who are homeless or which work with people who are at risk for homelessness in an effort to prevent them from losing their permanent residence.

Federal Programs Related to - Public, Society Benefit, General/Other

Programs that focus on promoting the effective functioning of government, public administration and public officials and support or provide services required for the effective functioning of society's infrastructure.

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