The Haven Drives Homeless Men to the Path of Self-Sufficiency

The Haven, the county's new men's homeless shelter, works to offer assistance and shelter to homeless men who are facing multiple life issues such as foreclosure, eviction, health issues, deaths, re-entry from jail or drug-alcohol-mental health treatments.

According to Michael Boeckman, a guest at the Haven, "The Haven is a very welcoming place for people that need it...otherwise you'd be sleeping on the streets."

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Social Entrepreneurship

How Can Social Entrepreneurship Convert Into House Sales?

How Can Social Entrepreneurship Convert Into House Sales?

Giveback Homes, founded by Blake Andrews in August, is a network of real estate agents, home builders, mortgage brokers and interior designers. Each member shell out $50 monthly to get listed on Giveback Homes’ website and acquire marketing support.Donors can decide how much, and how often, they want to donate to a good cause.

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