Licensing Fonts for Social Good?

credit: FastCoExist

One foundation working with its project, is hoping that the homeless people it serves can become successful font creators.

The Cyranos McCann, an advertising agency, and the Arrels Foundation, an organization that serves the 3,000-person homeless population in Barcelona, Spain brought the idea to life. A fundraiser is being held through licensing the fonts which will go towards Arrels' work in preventing people from staying on the streets.

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Programs that provide supportive services for individuals and families who are homeless or which work with people who are at risk for homelessness in an effort to prevent them from losing their permanent residence.

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See also: +COMMON CODE Advocacy (**B); Hate Crimes Prevention (I02.07); Housing Discrimination (I05.08); Voter Services (W08.05)

REDF, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, will receive a $7 Million grant from the federal Social Innovation Fund program.

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