Lane County to Re-Offer Economic Development Grants

credit: Flickr

Lane County government officials have announced the re-offering of $200,000 in grant money for economic development.

Since 2011, Lane County has not offered funding to small businesses until now since it has suspended the aid program to facilitate production of its economic development reserves. The county has collaborated with Lane Council of Governments, which will administer the loan fund.

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Programs that provide technical assistance and funds to help communities retain and recycle income within the community by investing in the development of local institutions and businesses.

Business Growth; Business Loans; Economic Growth; Economic Transformation; Real Estate Organizations; Socioeconomic Development; Technology Transfer; Transfer of Technology; Urban Enterprise Zones

Social entrepreneur, Stefan Wolf , founded the Beyond the Four Walls, which builds cyber “resource centers” (aka Internet cafes) in rural areas for young women to run.

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