A Glimple of Homelessness in the United Kingdom

This article provides a glimpse of the homelessness issue in the U.K.

But now with job insecurity, increased living costs, and welfare reform all beginning to take its toll, more and more people are finding the spectre of homelessness casting an all-too real shadow over their day-to-day lives.

The local authority has to offer accommodation to people if they are pregnant, have children who need somewhere to live, need special help because of your age or disability, were made homeless through a flood, fire or other disaster, are 16 and 17 and not already in local authority care, were a victim of violence, is vulnerable as a result of having been a member of the armed forces, or has been homeless since leaving prison.

The council does not have to offer housing to someone who has become 'intentionally homeless'.

While most 'homeless' people are not sleeping rough, those who are sleeping on the streets of Cheltenham currently have to travel to Gloucester's night shelter for help.

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Federal Programs Related to - Homeless Shelter

Programs that provide a temporary place to stay for people who have no permanent housing. Bad Weather Shelters; Homeless Drop-In Centers; Homeless Drop In Centers; Mission Housing; Motel Vouchers;

Federal Programs Related to - Services for the Homeless

Programs that provide supportive services for individuals and families who are homeless or which work with people who are at risk for homelessness in an effort to prevent them from losing their permanent residence.

Many celebrities such as Lily Cole, Emma Watson and Hugh Jackman have launched their own social businesses. However, professionals from the social enterprise sector aren’t that pleased or excited.

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