Grants Focus on Better Information from Community Colleges

The Center for Law and Social Policy reports that the latest iteration of Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants will require state applicants to develop on online Employment Results Scorecard.

The grants, which support programs for displaced and at-risk workers in pursuit of skills for better employment outcomes, will now be accompanied by more transparent information about the quality of the programs they fund.

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Federal Programs Related to - Vocational Education

Secondary or postsecondary education programs that provide formal preparation for semiskilled, skilled, technical or professional occupations for high-school-aged students and, in some cases, adults who have opted to develop or expand their employment opportunities, often in lieu of preparing for college entry. Building Trades Programs; High School Vocational Education Courses; Vocational Centers; Vocational/Trade High Schools; School-To-Work Transition Programs Educational Programs Programs within the context of the formal educational system or offered as an adjunct to the traditional school curriculum which provide instructional services that are individualized or specialized to meet the special needs and interests of learners. Bilingual Education; Compensatory Education; Correctional Education; Discovery Learning; Extension Education; Independent Learning; Independent Study Programs; Migrant Child Education; Migrant Education; Multicultural Education; Prison Education; Science Fair Programs; Self Directed Learning; Self Instruction; Self Teaching

Federal Programs Related to - Job Training & Employment

Programs that provide instruction or experience in utilizing the skills required for the performance of specific job-related tasks and the assumption of specific job-related responsibilities. Includes comprehensive programs offering training, education, employment and social welfare. Community Work & Training Programs; Employment Acquisition; Employment Placement Programs; Employment Preparation; Employment Procurement; Employment Training; Employment Training Job Referral Programs; Foreign Employment Programs; Industrial Training; Job Banks; Job Fairs; Job Information Clearinghouses; Job Listings; Job Seeking Skills; Jobs Training Partnership Act; JTPA Programs; Manpower Training Programs; Occupational Training; OICs; On-the-Job Training; Opportunities Industrialization Centers; Personnel Training; Post Employment Assistance Programs; Pre-Employment Training; Pre-Job Guidance; Prejob Training; Public Employment & Training Programs; Title IIA Programs; Title IIB Programs; Welfare to Work Programs; WIA Programs; Work & Training Programs; Work Experience Programs; Workforce Development Programs; Workforce Investment Act Programs;

Federal Programs Related to - Retraining

Programs that provide training in new skill areas for people who have been or are about to be laid off and who would otherwise have little opportunity of being reemployed in the same or an equivalent occupation because their current skills are obsolete.

Dislocated Workers Training; Occupational Rehabilitation; Occupational Retraining; Occupational Training for Dislocated Workers; Reentry Training; Work Reentry Training

Federal Programs Related to - Vocational Guidance

Programs that help people learn about opportunities for education, training and work, and facilitate their career planning; includes vocational orientation and counseling, Assessment Testing; Career Awareness Programs; Career Counseling; Career Goals; Career Development; Career Planning; Employment Aptitude Testing; Employment Counseling; Employment Interest Measures; Job Counseling; Vocational Assessment; Vocational Counseling; Vocational Testing; Vocational Information; Vocational Training

REDF, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, will receive a $7 Million grant from the federal Social Innovation Fund program.

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