Older Diabetes Patients Benefit from Improved Clinic Communication and Education

In a new research published in The Lancet, over a quarter of 70 year olds and above with type 2 diabetes could benefit from improving communication and education in the clinic.

Type 2 diabetes is a widespread chronic disorder among older adults. The findings reveal 27 percent of the patients got better glycaemic control through individualized care without need for medication. The study is led by a team of researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School.

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Federal Programs Related to - Diabetes Research

Programs involved in the systematic study of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, a disorder in which the pancreas produces too little insulin with the result that the body is unable to adequately metabolize sugar.

Mulago Foundation’s Associate Portfolio Director, Kristin Gilliss, writes how the Skoll World Forum is featuring a variety of delegates and speakers working on innovative solutions to societal challenges worldwide.

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