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Federal Programs Related to - Public Finance, Taxation &Monetary Policy

Programs that are primarily engaged in financial administration, taxation and monetary policy. Campaign Finance, Federal Reserve; Monetary Policy; Taxation

Federal Programs Related to - Insurance Benefits

Programs that set aside funds and provide benefits for a wide range of insurance programs. Burial Insurance; Casualty Insurance Benefits/Provision; Dismemberment Benefits; Property Insurance Benefits/Provision

    Federal Programs Related to - Health Insurance

    Programs that issue insurance policies which indemnify or reimburse holders for all or a portion of the cost of hospital or medical care or lost income arising from an illness or injury. Dental Insurance Programs; HMO Programs; Health Insurance Premiums Assistance; Health Maintenance Organization Programs; Preferred Provider Organization Programs; Medical Insurance; PPOs

      Federal Programs Related to - Life Insurance

      Programs that issue policies in which the organization, in return for payment of premiums, agrees to pay a specified sum to the designated beneficiary upon the death of the person insured. Accelerated Death Benefits; Death Benefits; Survivors Insurance; Survivors Benefits; Term Life Benefits

        Social Entrepreneurship

        Social Enterprises, Co-ops Pushed to Support Crowdfunding Campaign

        Social Enterprises, Co-ops Pushed to Support Crowdfunding Campaign
        Social enterprises and co-operatives are being petitioned to unite, join and support a crowdfunding campaign...

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