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Most Philanthropists Rather Not Extol Their Giving, New Report Reveals
According to a recent report by Forbes Insights, the latest research provider, 77% of philanthropists have stated that they do not want their charitable efforts announced or publicized. The...more

Criminal Justice and Sociology Student Takes Time to do Volunteer Work
Chanee Lintel is a criminal justice and sociology major that admirably squeezes her time to do volunteer work in addition to her classes and being an event coordinator for the Office of Student...more

Volunteer LSU\
Volunteer LSU has recently announced that they are already starting to accept applications for their spring break event called Change Break Tennessee. Change Break Tennessee 2013 will be the...more

Arctic Wolves Lend Their Time and Talent in Local Elementary School
1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, the Arctic Wolves, donates their time and talent to the students and faculty at the Nordale Elementary School in Fairbanks, Alaska. Known for conducting food...more

Volunteering Comes With Benefits Beyond Doing Good
Vickie Martin, a volunteer at Lancaster EMS, learned that volunteer work plucks benefits beyond doing good for others. To start, volunteering enables the development of new skills and connections;...more

Grand Island Volunteer Shifts Focus on Children
Grand Island volunteer Jody Backer has recently talked about her community involvements, including being a Heartland CASA and Project Everlast member, a member of the YMCA board, and her tremendous...more

Tomkat Philanthropy Serves Good Food, Banking and Energy
Tom Steyer and his wife, Kathryn Taylor of Tomkat Charitable Trust, aims to serve "good food, good banking and good energy" at their TomKat Ranch known for its certified grass-fed beef in Northern...more

Pure Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge Announces Contest Winners
Pure Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, the first state-wide competition in social entrepreneurship, has announced its contest prize winners. The prizes are awarded to Metro Detroit-based...more

Hecktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps Shuts Down After 51 Years of Service
The board president of the Hecktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps has recently announced that the institution will be shutting down after 51 years of service to the community. A state mandate...more

Social Entrepreneurship

Establishing a Social Enterprise Curriculum

Several British colleges and universities have embraced social entrepreneurship in their curriculum. Pathik Pathak at Southampton have introduced n interdisciplinary module in Social Enterprise, which is open to students of all year groups and across all disciplines.

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