Social Security Disability Benefits: Searching for Alternatives to Benefit Receipt


An IZA Journal of Labor Policy special issue, collected and co-edited by Gina Livermore, David Neumark, and David Wittenburg, examines the evolution of disability policy in the United States, the factors that contribute to the growth in the disability rolls, and the possibility for early interventions and employment support.

The Labor Policy issue is a resource for those seeking policy solutions to the pressing issue of finding alternatives to obtaining disability benefits.

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Federal Programs Related to - Insurance Benefits

Programs that set aside funds and provide benefits for a wide range of insurance programs. Burial Insurance; Casualty Insurance Benefits/Provision; Dismemberment Benefits; Property Insurance Benefits/Provision

    Federal Programs Related to - Pension & Retirement Benefits

    Programs administered by retirement disbursement authorities that make monthly cash payments to eligible workers and their eligible dependents following retirement.

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