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News and information on the role that government, small business, the nonprofit sector and philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Solutions to Combating Youth Homelessness: Housing and Work Stability
Youth homelessness can be fought in a two-way street: Providing long-term housing and employment. Housing advocates are pushing for housing services as well as programs to help homeless youth...more

Transitional Housing Facility Gives Homeless Veterans Long-Term Residence
The Veterans Housing Facility, a nonprofit that offers transitional housing for homeless veterans, presents its 150-bed center that acts as a springboard where veterans can reside up to 24 months,...more

Report Shows High Rates of Homelessness in Canada
According to two Canadian reports just recently released, rates of homelessness and poverty in the country are high. The findings state that homelessness and poverty often strikes indigenous and...more

Minnesota Cities Vow to End Homelessness among Veterans
Minnesota twin cities - Minneapolis and St. Paul - have pledged to shelter every veteran by 2015. The Twin Cities have been working to eradicate veteran homelessness for years. The first step is...more

Homelessness-to-Housing Strategy 2020
Coordinator of Micah Projects, Karyn Walsh, boosts the Queensland Government's Homelessness-to-Housing Strategy 2020. The strategy is released by Minister for Housing and Public Works, the Hon...more

San Diego Successfully Launches Its Homeless Program after Six Years
An innovative homeless housing program is in the works. Located in downtown San Diego, it is called Connections Housing and developed by Affirmed Housing Group and PATH Ventures. San Diego took...more

Wyoming Governor to Coordinate Homeless Support
Wyoming Governor Matt Mead announced that the state government will be coordinating services to help and support the homeless. Local officials have been planning to fight homelessness with one or...more

Hope Outreach Homeless Believes Work Builds Self-Respect
Hope Outreach Homeless Ministry believes work builds self-respect and has since been putting people to work to garner assistance. According to Leland Streck, head of the ministry, they get people...more

A Glimpse at the Lives of Ex-NFL Players: Depression, Addiction, Homelessness
Jen Smith, director of player programs for PAST, an organization that helps ex-NFL players get treated for physical and mental issues, believes its important for the public to take a look at how...more

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Sustainable Principles for an Innovating Nigeria

Sustainable Principles for an Innovating Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) released the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles, an agreement signed by 34 banks, including the original eight of the nation’s leading banks, that covered nine key areas: environmental and social risk management, environmental and social footprint, human rights, women’s economic empowerment, financial inclusion, environmental and social governance, capacity building, collaborative partnerships and reporting.

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